Imran Haque is the Best Doctor in North Carolina

People can usually find Dr. Imran Haque at his Horizon internal medicine practice. This dedicated and compassionate physician has two offices, one in beautiful Asheboro and the other in Ramseur. Both towns are located in North Carolina. Inran Haque obtained his medical degree in 1988 from the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo, graduating proudly with honors. Since he was a young boy, Amran yearned to one-day become a doctor. He went on to attend the University of Virginia, entering the Internal Medicine Roanoke/Salem Program. It was here that he earned his internal medicine master’s degree.

Even though Imran Haque is a long way from his birth home, he is grateful to be living in America, practicing his hard-won profession. He has made a new life here, and his medical practice is busy. Many patients are willing to testify to this doctor’s competence and his warm bedside manner. This internal medicine physician has over 15 working years of remarkable experience. He treats the gamut of medical diseases and ailments. His patients are of all age groups. His office is equipped with top-notch equipment, and his waiting area is often packed. The folks in this region just adore Dr. Haque and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Dr. Haque keeps up with his busy practice by old-fashioned hard work. He is disciplined and knows that many of his patients wouldn’t find the level of care provided by his services anywhere else. This physician prides himself on caring for the poorer individuals living in this area of North Carolina. He believes that affordable medical care should be available to anyone needing treatment. He is tireless, often working long hours. Come visit the office. Find out why so many North Carolina residents prefer Dr. Imran Haque to any other practicing physician around.

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How Livio Bisterzo’s Company Attracted The Attention Of Celebrity Investors

     HIPPEAS is an increasingly popular brand of healthy snacks. Its popularity has resulted in investors wanting to be involved financially in the company, including some celebrities who appreciate both what the brand stands for and its potential. One of the celebrities that has invested in the brand is the actor Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio, along with Strand Equity Partners, recently put money into the company behind the brand.

The healthiness and flavors of HIPPEAS have resulted in it becoming one of the companies within the natural snack food space with the fastest growth. HIPPEAS is chickpea puffs which are vegan, organic, and free of GMOs. It is offered in six flavors including Pepper Power, Vegan White Cheddar, and Maple Haze.

It was in June of 2017 that Leonardo DiCaprio and his business partners invested in HIPPEAS. The investment was announced by the founder and chief executive of the company behind HIPPEAS, Livio Bisterzo. When he announced the investment he commented that his brand is swiftly growing in both the United State and the United Kingdom markets. He welcomed his new investors and acknowledged that they understood and valued both the vision and values he has for the brand.

The company behind HIPPEAS is Green Park Holdings. He established the company in Los Angeles, California in April of 2015. The company’s specialty is providing “better for you” snack options versus the sea of very unhealthy snacks that have dominated the industry in the past. It is now sold in 18,000 retailer stores and is quickly spreading to other stores. The first stores it was sold in was Starbucks where its bright yellow packaging attracted people’s attention. As they tried HIPPEAS it quickly gained a reputation as a snack that tastes great and one that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating.

Livio Bisterzo is originally from Milan, Italy. He left Italy and moved to the UK in order to attend college. After graduating from college he set about becoming an entrepreneur. He started a few successful companies in the UK before moving to the United States along with his family in order to pursue other business opportunities.

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Fabletics Leverages the Power of Online User Reviews

The power of crowd has become increasingly significant in determining consumer purchase. Today’s consumers are guided by crowd-sourced reviews when determining their final purchase. They tend to trust reviews from someone they know. Today, savvy brands have shifted to review-centric marketing strategies to capitalize on this consumer behavior. An example of such brand is Fabletics. Since its launch in 2013, Fabletcis has grown to over $235 million in revenue which is over 200% growth. Recently, Fabletics has reached over one million paying members mark. Fabletics attributes much of its success to embracing the user reviews.


Shawn Gold, Fabletics’ Corporate Marketing Officer credits such rapid growth to leveraging user reviews in today’s competitive marketplace. Consumer reviews can drive improved customer retention for brands, improved loyalty, and increased customer acquisition across all industries. With the growing digitalization, online reviews have become a significant factor in the decision-making process. Today’s consumers often research brands and read reviews before determining the final purchase.


Authentic, genuine brand reviews lead to an enhanced bottom line. They result in more revenue, improved search ranking, and improved customer retention. Incorporating user reviews into your customer service approach or product offerings earns repeat purchases, loyal customers, and greater return on customer acquisition investment.


Improved Search Ranking


Positive online reviews have a significant impact on a brand’s search ranking. With positive reviews, a brand would likely appear in top organic, local search results such as Google’s Local 3-Pack. Some review sites such as Trustpilot partners with Google to help brands improve their Google Seller Rating.


Drive Revenue


A recent study by BrightLocal concluded that a whopping 74% of people would pursue purchase after looking at brand’s reviews. Reviews on a product page increase the likelihood of purchase by 17%. According to Yelp, an extra half-star rating increases the probability of restaurants selling out by 19%. An additional one-star rating leads to 5-6% increase in revenue. An increase in a single point can make a difference in many industries such as travel, retail, luxury goods, and food.


Drive Valuable Repeat Purchase


Incorporating user reviews into product offering and customer approach has helped TechStyle to increase its repeat purchase. Fabletics prioritizes its customers, and therefore, invests much time in managing and responding to thousands of online customer reviews.


About Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is a renowned American actress. She was born to a comedian, actor, and musician Bill Hudson and actress Goldie Hawn. Hudson rose to prominence in 2000 for featuring in Almost Famous, a famous film that earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress prize. Kate Hudson teamed up with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, co-founders of JustFab to launch Fabletics, a fitness brand.


Everyone who has interacted with Kate Hudson including interviewers, co-stars, directors, and family members are quick to comment on her ability to cheer up the crowd. Through solid work ethic and dedication, Kate Hudson has gone from indie beginner to a globally recognized star in just three years. Kate Hudson has done it all without looking at her mom’s success.

The Wonders of Shea Butter


Shea Butter is extracted from the nut that derives from the African Shea tree. It is an off white/ ivory colored fat that is derived mainly from oleic acid and stearic acid. It’s widely used in cosmetics as a salve, lotion, or a moisturizer.


Shea butter is also edible and is used for some food substances. It is normally used in different food preparation sources in Africa. The chocolate industry uses it with other oils to substitute cocoa butter.


Shea butter is used normally in the cosmetics industry for hair and skin care. This could be skin moisturizers, emulsions, lip gloss, hair moisturizers, and hair conditioners. It is also used in various soaps. For soaps with lesser cleaning power, more Shea butter is used. Otherwise, around 7 to 9 percent of Shea butter is in soaps.


Some African countries uses Shea butter as cooking oil to be a waterproofing wax to make candles, for medicinal ointments, and for hairdressing. It’s also utilized by creators of traditional African percussion instruments for more durability of wood, leather tuning straps, and dried calabash guards.


About Eugenia Shea


Eugenia means the origin of goodness in Greek. Eugenia Shea is a business founded by a mother and daughter due that was launched in 2014. It is a family run and socially conscience enterprise committed to delivering all natural and premium Shea butter moisturizers. With them being a socially conscious company, they are dedicated to fair opportunities and wages for their female employees in Ghana, and they donate 15 percent of proceeds back to them as an education fund.


The roots of this company began with the daughter’s grandmother, a devoted Ghanaian midwife well known in the community, having a spectacular, midwifery secret. This was the unrefined and raw Ghanaian Shea butter. And with this wonderful healing secret, Shea butter was brought down in her family from generation to generation. And as a result, the mom of this company grew her bulk of Shea butter with the assistance of 100s of paid farmers. This is, in turn, brought down to the daughter who is also the owner of this company.

A Single Negative Online Comment Can Create Big Problems For A Company

When negative comments and reviews regarding various products and services are posted online, the potential effects on the reviewed businesses can be quite unpleasant.

In a recent article that I just read on Online reputation Reviews, the author makes the point that even one negative comment or review can seriously damage a company’s online reputation.

It is mentioned how a company can regularly provide great products and/or services, but if one customer comments about a bad experience, many would-be customers may decide to take their business elsewhere.

A business might be short-staffed because of illness, or a particular employee could have been having a bad day. If an item is out of stock, it could be that there are other issues with the product’s supplier that prevent the item from being in-stock.

For some customers, these inconveniences are enough to make them want to share their displeasure with the world. When consumers who are interested in purchasing certain products read negative reviews from disgruntled customers, or even former or current employees, the effect can undermine every good business practice the company has employed.

Unfortunately, the online side of business for many companies is not as well-managed as their brick and mortar business. It is not uncommon for management at well-respected companies to be unaware of negative online comments concerning their goods or services.

This article states that both B2C and B2B consumers tend to post more comments online about negative experiences than positive experiences. Because the social media sites and popular review sites generally receive high page rankings in search engines, negative comments can be read by many people in a short amount of time.

With the use of analytical skills and monitoring tools, however, a company’s online presence can be kept track of. A prominent financial expert sums it up in this article when he states that online reputation management is the new “big thing” when it comes to business strategies.


Concerns over Unpaid CRDA Loan by Devco

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority neglected its obligation early this year to pay $1 million in interest on a loan worth $20 million. The loan was sourced from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) in 2005 with the aim of financing New Brunswick’s The Heldrich. The Heldrich is a conference center and hotel, which was built by the New Brunswick Development Corp. The development authority had already accrued $7 million in arrears in failed payments. Initially, the Press of Atlantic City reported the information.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation acts as a model for the Atlantic City Development, which is a sister firm and is required to take charge of more than $200 million in both public and private financing. Stephen Sweeny, the Senate President, voiced the corporation as an example of what is achievable when private firms are used to channel public resources to implement large-scale developments. Chris Paladino, who serves as the head of the two organizations, structured the $20 million Heldrich loan. The hotels comprise of 235 rooms, and it was opened when the economic crisis was creeping in in 2007. However, the hotel has been struggling with ways of attracting guests for a significant period. The occupancy rate of the previous year was at 63.5%.

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority instituted bonds worth $120 million, which were issued in May for the Gateway project. The intentions of the bonds were to construct a satellite campus for the Stockton University, which was to be paid through tax credit sales as well as the dorm room revenue. The bond counsel for the Atlantic County Improvement Authority, John Cantalupo, observed that he had made relevant examinations on the Heldrich financing. He was affirmative that the Gateway bonds would not face similar adversities.

Devco was founded in the mid-70s as an accelerator for the city’s revitalization. It is a privately owned not-for-profit real estate development organization. The organization has played a significant role in New Brunswick’s renaissance, as it has appeared as a powerful engine for steering forward economic development and growth. Since its inception, Devco has managed over $1.6 billion in investments inside the city.


Clubbing the New and Digital Way with Magnises

How is the millennial finding a way to break out of the shut in life they have been living? Many feel that millennials are the most isolated segments of the population, those that did find a job in the millions that were not so fortunate. For those who have a steady income that they can feel satisfied with, this is the card for admission to the most inclusive clubs for those who enjoy of the twenties and thirties somethings. They will find each other in the Magnises endorsed clubs. Thus is such as the ClubPass does which is a Magnises membership that costs only $65 per month for entrance into the most exclusive nightclubs in New York City.

For those who love to travel or have work in every corner of the world, there is the HotelPass Magnises Card which affords guests rooms in New York City, for example, for only $79 per night that usually cost $245 per night. Those who wish to go to the most exciting places can be immediately connected with these venues as working professionals between the ages of twenty one and thirty five years old. Most often those who are in the financials industry on get to mingle with others who are in the fashion industry and the hight tech industry of course.

Dreaming about a perfect vacation or planning a honeymoon can be just as exhilarating as it is for members to discover their social side through the The Dream Hotel that is offers Magnises members special rates and access to their properties all over the globe. Magnises owner and innovator, Billy McFarland said that The Dream will instill that visions of delight during a vacation or business trip and the card will be most prominent to be held by a young professional between ages twenty one and thirty five.

Each year they start anew with the Dream Hotel and its list of unique global properties. When members are in need of travel the first thought should be The Dream Hotel so they can get one of those great rooms on crunchbase. Being among peers at these fine establishment only will encourage working young professionals exclusive right to holding on to rooms and allowing for more travel and attendance when they have the prime access right along side the others in their social age group. Billy McFarland believes that “getting them inside the door,” at hotels such as The Dream Hotel, is one of the main attractions to this service and will grow the Magnises Card access membership exponentially.

Billy McFarland, being young and full of ambition at age twenty four, founded this service to “take all of our members’ lives to the next level.” What is that level? He understands that to the millennials such as himself, it is to be equal “professionally and socially,” on the same level. So much to enjoy, the Magnesis card brings deals and deep discounts at the most popular restaurants, bars, and special events in New York city and Washington D.C. and beyond.

Avi Weisfogel Is Putting Sleep Apnea To Bed

Avi Weisfogel is the type of person that when he sets his mind to something, he simply will not be denied. That is how he has gotten ahead as a doctor. He is the type of doctor that people truly enjoy seeing as they know he cares about them and will go the extra mile to make sure they are comfortable, happy, and at ease with no matter what ails at them at that particular time. Right now, one of the major problems going on in the world is sleep apnea. It has been talked about by a number of people and it has only gotten worse as time has gone.


One of the major issues with it is the other affects it has on people besides sleeping issues. Some of the effects it can have include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Those are not something that anyone wants to deal with or have to worry about, especially when they have sleep apnea on ptheir late. That, in and of itself, is enough to worry about and can cause quite a bit of stress. That is where Avi Weisfogel steps in and takes command of the situation. He is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters.


One must remember this is the same man that helped with Operation Smile, which helped children and young adults that were dealing with dental work that needed to be done but they could not afford. He is always on the lookout for solutions and ways to fix problems for his patients. It is that personal touch that separates him from other doctors. When someone meets with him or talks with him, Avi makes sure to give them the time of the day. He does not rush them out the door or hurry them. He takes their problems seriously.


Right now, he is focusing a lot of attention and resources on finding solutions for sleep apnea. He knows how much it can destroy a life and how damaging it can be on a person’s day to day life. He wants his patients to have a happy life without any discomfort.

Keith Mann, Wisdom of Humanity to Airlift Animal Rescue

Sadhguru, the world-famous yogi describes the wisdom of life from watching three little pug puppies, which were born at his yoga center. He is profoundly insightful, but it doesn’t take a master to know humanitarians deeply feel love for animals. YouTube is abundant with pet antic videos, and while Japan is celebrated for panda recover, Cesar Millan for dogs, and Jackson Galaxy for cats, we all love animals.


Consequently, when pilot Keith Mann broke the rules to fly trapped animals to safety, nobody gave a darn about the rules. Keith Mann, as a humanitarians, knew only one thing, I have equipment to rescue lives and I’m going to use it; it didn’t take a morality discourse to make the judgment. We are human, we respect life, and we rescue the injured and abandoned.


Wildfires roared in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, setting ablaze acres of land. Greater than eighty-thousand people from Fort McMurray were ordered to leave the area, and so they did. Some thoughtless people just walked-out on their responsibility, and stranded innocent animals behind. There is no excuse for just abandoning a family pet to burn to death. Likewise, people must scrutinize authority when directed at them during environmental alerts; one has a right to protect their family, including pets. In a different mode, for example always be prepared to evacuate the whole family including pets—birds, rabbits, hamsters, etc.; the southeastern United States has hurricanes; consequently, preparedness is year-round. Have an evacuation plan mapped out ahead of time.


From tragedy, heroes endeavor to triumph, and Keith Mann rose to the occasion. Suncor Energy pilot broke the rules and welcomed a collection of rescued animals as passengers to safety at Edmonton and Calgary. The pre-established flight regulations states only a few animals are allowed on the plane per trip, in addition they had to be in kennel-caged. Keith Mann, knowing full well if the animals were left, they would die a horrible death. He made a managerial decision as flight operations for Suncor Energy, and said, load them onboard. And in a life or death situation, secure them as best you can. In most instances, animals instinctually know danger, and accept compliance. Keith Mann is an entrepreneur, and Director of Dynamics Search Partners base out of New York.

White Shark Media Is Great For All Your Online Marketing Needs

If you are looking for an online advertising company that can help you promote your business, White Shark Media is the best company to pick. Many advertising agencies offer each of their services individually, but White Shark Media offers many services for a set fee. They are well known as an SEO firm, but you can use their services for more than just increasing your search rankings. White Shark Media can make sure that the website you design effectively promotes your business. They even offer a Triton website to help you get started. White Shark Media can even help you to design a business logo that can be used both online and offline. These are just a few of the services that they offer to subscribers, and there are many more.


If you are struggling to increase your search rankings, Google and Bing advertising can be a good way to gain immediate visibility for your page. White Shark Media can help you to advertise on Google and Bing more effectively. White Shark Media’s experts are positively regarded by both Google and Bing. In addition to giving you pointers about launching an effective advertising campaign on Google and Bing, White Shark Media provides you with a good ballpark estimate of what it would cost you to use this strategy for increasing your search rankings. In addition, this cost estimate is provided for free.


White Shark Media offers excellent customer service. They offer multiple means of contact, including telephone and email. They have a great reputation for responding quickly to email requests. While the price each month for their services depends on the particular business you are advertising, they give you a free quote for their services. In addition, they tell you exactly what you would get for this quote. If you are not interested in their services, you will have already gotten a free website evaluation!


White Shark Media also has a long list of testimonials on their page. They are all strongly positive, and they include businesses that operate in a wide range of different sectors. They show that White Shark Media can help you to advertise your business whether you are a small business or a large company. Great reviews of White Shark Media working with a wide range of businesses types can be found throughout a number of review websites, as well.

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