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End Citizens United

     In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled (in Citizens United VS FEC) that corporations count as people and are entitled to the same rights as people despite being able to wield unimaginable power and influence that people do not have access to. This was unprecedented because now big businesses and industries can control politicians and have them work for their interests and not the interests of the American people.

Enter End Citizens United, an organization Located in Washington DC, founded in 2015 and led by their President Tiffany Muller. Their mission? To create accountability and transparency in elections by protesting the Supreme Court’s decision that enables big business to run the country. This is a grassroots progressive Democratic organization that has endorsed many of the most prominent figures in American politics like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

End Citizens United is expected to raise $35,000,000 this year, $10,000,000 more than 2017! This organization especially opposes what they call the “Big Money 20”, which is A list of 20 incumbent politicians who do the bidding of special interests like drug companies, big oil, the Koch brothers, wall street, and others while rigging the system in favor of themselves and their own interests. Notable people on this list include 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz (Senator, Texas), Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House of Representatives), Dean Heller (Senator, Nevada), Mimi Walters (Representative, California, and others.

What End Citizens United does is they create awareness about where these politicians get their money from and who controls them, they list some of the policies and actions that these politicians have endorsed or committed which worked against the interests of the American people, and they endorse as well as fund challenger candidates to oppose the politicians on the Big Money 20.

Recently, End Citizens United has endorsed several candidates for Senate including Jacky Rosen and Beto O’Rourke to challenge Dean Heller and Ted Cruz, respectively, of the Big Money 20. Other Senatorial endorsements include Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, and Heidi Heitkamp of Nevada.

If End Citizens United is successful in their mission to hold corporations and politicians accountable, then you can expect the country to be a much better place. Imagine America, but without the corruption- or at least with a lot less corruption than we see now. Who in their right mind would oppose this?


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Land in at the Fagali’l Airport for Your Family Vacation to Apia

     Are you interested in taking a family vacation to the beautiful city of Apia? You are not alone. The list for that dream vacation is extensive and the winter time is one of the busiest times in Apia for vacationers as the weather averages 85 degrees all year around. That’s beside the point. When you have decided to bring the family to Apia for a vacation, try landing in at the Fagali’l airport, definitely an airport worth the time.

Customer Service

An airport that practices great customer service habits, that’s the Fagali’l airport. Once a visitor enters the airport, they will get a huge dose of the Samoan culture through a staff of representatives with the friendliest attitude looking to help its guests with the impossible, well, with anything. If you need some help carrying a bag, no worries. If you need directions, no problem. Need an escort, hey! you are in luck! Need a new friend to talk to? Guess what? The Samoan staff can be a shoulder to lean on, well, not too long, they do have some work that they have to do, but the point is made. Ask and you shall receive from a Samoan cultured representative with the perfect touch of morals, values and information to get you all squared away.

A Little About the City of Apia

A great city in which visitors flock to all year around for fun, fun and more fun for the entire family. Beautiful beaches with volleyball games and surfing, exhilarating rock sliding, scuba diving, museums, volcanoes, Samoan foods, shopping, cultured dancing, well, the list goes on, probably isn’t enough room on the page to list all of the attractions of Apia, but it is highly advised to see for yourself. Highly reviewed, highly loved and highly addictive. You will not want to leave!

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Bumble: A Comfortable Dating App as Told by Whitney Wolfe

     Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Bumble and co-founder at Tinder. She attended Southern Methodist University in Utah where she received a bachelor’s in international studies. During her college experience she created and sold bamboo tote bags, which is where she initially got experience with marketing. Whitney Wolfe met her husband, Michael Herd in real life in Aspen, Colorado right before Christmas in 2013 on a ski vacation. Two years later in 2015 Whitney and Michael got engaged in Italy. They held their wedding at Villa Tre Ville Venue in Positano and it was one of the most wonderful experiences of her life.

At SXSW Whitney Wolfe focus on what inspired her to create Bumble. Wolfe Previously worked as the co-founder at Tinder but left after a lawsuit she filed in regard to sexual harassment. This fueled Wolfe to create a dating app that where women can take the lead and not feel uncomfortable. She wants women to be able to take charge of their dating experience instead of being afraid of sexual harassment. She also wants the #MeToo movement, which helps show the provenance of sexual harassment, to have a place within her company and providing ease to women when using a dating app. Through the #MeToo movement women feel more comfortable speaking out and reporting men who have sexual harasses them. This creates a safe haven for women allowing them to find dates in a respectable and comfortable manner.

Bumble has a new feature called Bumble BFF. This mode was created to allow users to find a new friend. Wolfe calls this “intentional friend-zoning”. Through this feature woman with be able to connect with other men and women who are just looking to hang out and have fun. Bumble has another new feature called Bumble Bizz that was created solely for professional networking and mentoring. This mode still uses the woman first approach allowing women to professionally connect with people without feeling uncomfortable. Bumble Bizz lets users display themselves using photos, resumes, and their skills. What makes this feature unique is that the sole purpose is to allow individuals to find mentors and connect with individuals in the field they are interested in as opposed to searching for jobs. This mode is great for developing an initial contact with a company or a mentor, so they can see the user’s dedication to their work. Whitney Wolfe used her sexual harassment experience at Tinder to create a dating app that empowers women.

Conor Lamb Endorsed and Supported by End Citizens United

     Today, in Congress the Republicans control the House and the Senate and to add to that the executive office of the presidency is occupied by a Republican. In order for the government to operate in the best democratic manner, it needs not to be monopolized by a single party. Democrats are making moves to change that. Conor Lamb is running for the House seat vacated by Republican Tim Murphy against the Republican candidate, Rick Saccone for the Pennsylvania Congressional position.

Conor Lamb is a former marine and a former assistant U.S. attorney. At only 33 years of age, he contrasts dramatically from his opponent the conservative state rep, the 59 year old Rick Saccone. To date, Lamb has gotten the endorsement of End Citizens United, a federal Political Action Committee determined to reform the campaign finance system. The donors that support End Citizens United are only grass roots donors. They operate without the contributions of corporations or super wealthy individuals like to Koch brothers. The Daily Kos is also endorsing Lamb. The Daily Kos is a liberal political blog.

As a result of their backing, Lamb has agreed to only accept donations from unions and small contributions from individuals. The Republican Party is fighting back with the big guns. President Trump and the 45Committee ran a negative ad against Lamb charging he was against the Republican tax cut bill that recently passed. That was a $500,000 campaign. Saccone also has the conservative group, End Spending putting $1 million in advertising to promote him as a candidate. The Vice President, Mike Pence, President Trump and House Speaker, Paul Ryan have all volunteered some kind of assistance on behalf of Saccone.

End Citizens United raised $600,000 for Alabama senate candidate, Doug Jones in 2017. To date, End Citizens United has raised about $49,000. Lamb is garnering support from the heavily unionized communities in the 18th District. What does Lamb stand for? He is backing the following:

  • Using the pending infrastructure bill to create union and non-union jobs
  • Protecting union workers and union pay
  • Protect Medicare and Social Security
  • Utilize more Medicaid dollars to fund health care treatments for opiod addicts (Lamb believes in providing more federal funds for rehabilitation facilities with longer stays and additional treatment afterwards.

Lamb is from an Irish-Catholic family from Mt. Lebanon, PA, a suburb of south Pittsburgh. His grandfather, Thomas Lamb was the Democratic Majority Leader of Pennsylvania’s Senate, highlighting the long history his family has with supporting the Democratic Party. Lamb is currently behind in funding for his bid for office, but he is gaining the support of the Pennsylvania voters despite the financial deficiencies. Still, the DNC may decide to add to his campaign. Currently, the DNC has only contributed $10,000. Hopefully, the DNC will contribute much more as the date for the election nears on March 13, 2018.

Please read “How To Reverse Citizens United, ” for more.

The New Executive Vice President and CEO of American Institute of Architects

     Robert Ivy became the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record in the late 1990s was appointed to the board of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as the chief executive officer and VP in 2010. He has also been in the capacity of the VP and editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media from 2003. In this company, he is responsible for the online publications and numerous print of family-oriented content that features standard editorial quality. In his tenure, the Architectural Record has become one of the most renowned professional journals globally.

As of 2009, Robert had received the Crane Award from the American Business Media as appreciation for his lifetime contribution to the architectural publications and press. Come 2010, he was also featured as Master Architect by the architectural fraternity, Alpha Pho Chi. As such, he is one of the few recipients that have been recognized by the institution, including I.M. Pei and Buckminster Fuller.

Robert Ivy has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a master’s degree in architecture. He earned his first degree from the University of the South and the second one at Tulane University. Back in 1992, AIA helped him publish his first book dubbed Fay Jones: Architect. Since that time, he became a member of the International Circle of Architecture Critics as well as the American Architecture Foundation. Apart from that, he also serves in four architecture schools and one urban planning board, including Tulane University, Shanghai Urban Planning Board, Mississippi University, Tongji University School of Architecture and Rural Studio at Auburn University.

The AIA was founded in 1857 and has since become a premier organization. This institute is known to represent professionals and architects in the construction as well as design industry. As such, Robert Ivy has also played a part as an advocate of the profession in several issues pertaining to the environment, physical and social aspects of the enterprise. He is known to be a dedicated member of this institute and also served as a former board member in the 1990s. As for the new position, he is expected to join the Washington, DC office where he would be managing more than 200 employees and an annual budget of $56 million.

The former president of AIA, George Miller, stated that he was excited to her Robert had been appointed as the new executive VP and CEO of AIA. In his terms, George stated that Robert was seasoned with the industry and had excellent corporate leadership skills that would help him become one of the best managers the AIA has ever had. In George’s opinion, the appointment of Robert was unanimous owing to his dedication, passion, leadership style and experience in the industry.

Trabuco: The Ancient War Machine that Collapsed Walls

     In Medieval combat perhaps nothing was more terrifying than watching a fortress wall tumble in front of you. The mass protection walls surrounding a castle, or fortress, were the first line of defense upon engaging a coming army. If those walls were to be brought down, thousands of enemy invaders would be upon your finest warriors, and most likely civilians, in a matter of moments. Thus, as war is fought through deconstructing the enemy’s best defenses, a weapon was developed that would hurl massive stones into walls, dead bodies riddled with the plague, and for many conquering armies, anything they could afford to expend to hit the enemy with.

The Trabuco, also commonly known as the balancing Trabuco due to the mechanism by which the machine operates, is believed to have been invented in China sometime around four hundred B.C. Russian traders in the area were responsible for bringing the Trabuco to Europe approximately two hundred years later. Kingdoms in medieval Europe employed the Trabuco to make war upon rivaling clans. At one point, during the plague ages, the weapon was used to launch the corpses of those afflicted with the disease over an enemy wall, which may be the first recorded instance of germ warfare.

In the crusades, the Trabuco was employed by both the Christian and Muslim armies, and was used widely throughout the religious conflicts. The Brazilian armies of the time also made use of the weapon, though commonly loaded it with a variety of projectiles so that the Trabuco functioned in an early shotgun like design. The terrifying image of the Trabuco upon the fortress walls, or being hauled on to the battlefield by horses or strong men, also served as a form of psychological warfare against opponents, even resulting in some historical instances of driving the enemy to retreat.

The Trabuco functioned by transferring the potential energy of the object it was launching into kinetic energy via the sling and balance. Varying sizes of Trabuco were fashioned so that various sizes of projectile could be launched. Trabuco’s mostly faded from battlefields after the introduction of gunpowder, and cannons, which essentially made them obsolete.

Ted Bauman A Bitcoin Skeptic

     Ted Bauman is a financial guru and editor with the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert at Banyan Hill Publishing. He specializes in asset protection, privacy, international migration issues and low-risk investments. Ted Bauman currently writes for the daily publication “The Sovereign Investor Daily.” He has served as a consultant for many organizations including the United Nations and a few groups based in Europe. He previously served in the nonprofit sector working in south Africa. He continues to write extensively on the financial field. He recently turned his focus on bitcoin.

Ted Bauman is an interested skeptic of Bitcoin, but acknowledges it has some flaws which if go unnoticed, will cause Bitcoin to not become the currency of the future.Ted Bauman describes Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, that is only based on a decentralized network, meaning it’s not based in a physical location, but exists on multiple computers all over the world. The decentralization is what gives its charm, making it private, free from government control. One of the problems Ted Bauman points to is when the currency is created. While the bitcoins are being “created” transactions are also being processed at the same time.

The real snag is when people are attempting to send or receive the cyber currency, they must wait until the original process is completed before their transactions will be processed. Ted Bauman says some transactions can take more than 42 minutes to process, making banking the quicker method currently. Adding to that is the number of people trying to make a transaction, which will lengthen the waiting times.

Ted Bauman has said that the cyber currency will die, if it can’t solve the long wait time problem. However, he does pinpoint two solutions. First, the data processed during the creation of bitcoins, must be made smaller or make the data packets bigger, so that more data can be processed at a single time. According to Bauman a group attempted this type of operation, and increased the size to 8 megabytes, which accelerates the verification processes.

This new method for transactions has led to the creation of bitcoin cash. As news of bitcoin cash continued to rise, the price of bitcoin currency has declined. All of bitcoin cash’s increases have led to the fall of bitcoin. More people continue to look for ways to modify bitcoin, but for now all there’s for now is bitcoin Cash, leaving Ted Bauman to wonder if owning bitcoin is the right thing, allowing you to make money for nothing.

Matt Badiali joins Banyan Hill Publishing

     Matt Badiali is one of the influential investors in the world today. He has huge investments in the mining, energy and agricultural sectors. Matt Bidali who is a mining expert has been traversing the world in an attempt to sell his ideas to as many people as possible. He has been to countries such as the Papua New Guinea, Iraq Turkey, Switzerland, Haiti and Hong Kong. His journey across many countries in the world have been an attempt to locate oil wells and other mines. He has a policy of meeting and telling everyone about his abilities so that he can penetrate the international mining sector with ease.

Matt Badiali believes that for anyone to go to make it in any industry, they must be ready to move out, go to the field and learn what is happening there. You cannot simply learn by staying in one location. Investors should look to have a hands-on experience about the opportunities that would like to explore. Matt Bidiali says that when one does this, he or she is like to make an independent decision based on what he has independently experienced. This the reason why he personally goes around the world looking for opportunities that can are available in the sectors that he hopes to make investments.

Matt Bidiali is an accomplished geologist who has been in the industry for a very long time. He knows how to navigate the industry since he has spent many years in the field. He is aware of the opportunities that are available in the industry. He knows how to analyze a project before venturing into actual mining. He will look at the team that he has to verify if they have the requisite knowledge need in the drilling field. Matt Bidiali is always keen to conduct thorough research before he starts any project.

Recently, Matt Badiali has joined the Banyan Hill publishing as an expert in natural resources, research and investment opportunities in the mining sector. Matt Bidiali is a leading expert in natural resources investment. He will bring to Banyan Hill Publishing huge knowledge and experience. He has previously worked with other companies in inspecting mines, drilling rigs and consulting for environmental companies on the impact of mining activities. Matt Bidiali will help readers of the Banyan Hill Publishing works to know which profitable investment opportunities are in the mining industry.

Matt Bidiali holds a degree in Earth Science from the Penn State University. He also has masters in geology from the University of Florida Atlantic.



Jeff Yastine: Author, News Reporter, and Investor

     Jeff Yastine is an American businessman and entrepreneur who also work as an editor for “Total Wealth Insider,” a publication by Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the company back in 2015 serving as the editorial director, and with more than twenty years of experience in the field of investing in the stock market, he became a well-known financial journalist writing news clips focusing on the financial world. Aside from being an author for the Total Wealth Insider, he is also writing weekly articles for the “Winning Investor Daily” and the “Sovereign Investor Daily,” another publication by Banyan Hill Publishing. These publications are being written to help the investors identify investment opportunities which will give them the most profit, and it also provides an in-depth explanation of the status of the country’s economy – all of this information being supplied by the company’s financial editors.

Before he joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a writer and editor, Jeff Yastine is known as a news presenter for the PBS Nightly Business Report. He served as an anchor and correspondent from the year 1994 to 2010, and he was nominated for the Emmy’s for his works. While working as an anchor and correspondent, he would interview successful businesspeople and entrepreneur to get their secrets to success. He managed to get in touch with the likes of Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and Michael Dell, and other successful entrepreneurs of the era. With his reporting style, Jeff Yastine managed to show his viewers what different investment opportunities are available to everyone, especially those who are doing small time businesses. He explained how they could invest some of their money to smaller companies and incur huge profits over time. He is also known to report some information about different industries like agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry, and how people can invest in these businesses to gain profit.

Jeff Yastine’s detailed analysis of the things happening around him saved thousands of businesspeople in the United States. Based on the facts that he read, he analyzed that a real estate crisis would happen sometime in the 2000s decade, and he also predicted the dot-com crash. These predictions became real, but because of the warnings that he has given on his program, many businesspeople became aware of what would happen, and they managed to avert the worst case scenario. Aside from reporting about business-related news, he is also known to report about national events like the devastation brought upon by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010.