Securus Technologies Improving the Wellbeing of Clients Through Effective Technology

Technology has made its way primarily in every single aspect of our lives. One of the industries in the economy that seems to be the biggest beneficiary of this advancement in technology is the incarceration sector. Securus Technologies has a big role to play when it comes to the use of technologies in the incarceration industry.


Securus Technologies is a premier telecommunication company with over three decades of industry experience. Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies has been able to weather the storm to emerge the leading industry player in the inmate environment. Thanks to the huge investment of technological equipment, Securus Technologies is known for helping connecting inmates with their loved ones, monitoring communications in and out of the inmate facility, providing emergency responses services, and information management, hence helping prevent further crimes.


Currently, Securus Technologies is headed by Richard A. Smith who is both as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company. According to Rick, Securus Technologies is committed to ensuring that the inmate environment is safe at all costs. In addition to investing its resources in purchasing the most recent state of the art equipment, the company also invests in brainiacs that are responsible for formulating at least a new service or product that helps law enforcers prevent or solve crimes.


According to the sampled emails feedback found on PRNewswire, it is important to note that so far the company is taking steps towards the right direction. From the sampled feedback of Securus Technologies services, most people were optimistic and satisfied with the quality of services being offered by the company. Going by one incarceration employee’s comment, Securus equipment was helpful in the investigations and arrests of corrupt officials. Another comment applauded the LBS services technology as a tool that will be of great help going into the future.


Securus Technologies Releases THREADS 3.1 to the Market

Securus Technologies recently announced on PR Newswire that it had released THREADS 3.1. This is by far the most advanced and fully integrated analytical tool for huge amounts of data within the entire U.S. corrections market. I am amazed at the benefits accrued from the new upgraded software platform.
The new redesign of Securus Technologies’ cornerstone investigative solutions allows all its clients to enjoy the latest technologies. Despite the upgrades, correctional facilities will still get to enjoy the same powerful analysis that they have become accustomed to as Securus’ clients. The redesign was made for the sole purpose of making the use of THREADS easy while enhancing system performance.

Kelly Solid, the General Manager of Securus’ Business Management, said that the company streamlined the functionality of the user interface to make it easier to understand and use. Other upgrades made include the elimination of unnecessary system actions as well as the enhancement of record loading, search function and navigation. The end result is an increase in performance and a total improvement in user experience.

Benefits of THREADS 3.1

The release of THREADS 3.1 upgrades the software from its previous Silverlight to the new HTML5. It allows the direct integration of the software platform with other Securus products like Secure Call Platform (SCP). I am in agreement with Solid that, an interface that is easier to use provides investigators with an efficient and proactive tool that supports them during their investigations. She added that Securus has developed a quality software tool that requires very little training while providing highly actionable intelligence as well as focused leads.

Additional features provided by THREADS 3.1 include customized printing and mapping, providing context-sensitive reports, guided analysis in real time as well as the ability to listen-in to SCP calls. THREADS is considered the gold standard in investigative solutions. It is an effective software application that is used for detecting, reporting and identifying any suspicious inmate associations, calling patterns, correlations, fraternization and communication events.

THREADS 3.1 is an innovative upgrade that elevates the products and services to a higher level. In addition, the company has decided to upgrade all its existing customers free of charge which I think is a win-win situation for both the company and its clients.

Securus Technologies

Securus provides criminal justice and also civil technological solutions that enhance public safety while aiding security apparatus with their investigations, monitoring and correctional duties. The company is based in Dallas, Texas. Today, it serves an impressive 3,450 agencies that include public safety, correctional facilities and law enforcement. It aims to provide quality services that assist security agencies to make the U.S. safer.

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