Vijay Eswaran On Being Near The Abyss

Vijay Eswaran isn’t just another businessman or entrepreneur who’s stuck on the latest idea that might make him millions. He considers himself to be a man driven by a spiritual purpose and wanting to make everything about people other than himself. The way he lives his life is by considering himself to be never far away from the abyss, in fact at all times just two minutes from it. He believes he can maximize the time he has by being generous and giving of his time to others. For Eswaran, taking time out of his day to meditate and reflect on whether his goals were accomplished and listening to the world around him is important to be able to help others.

Vijay Eswaran is from Malaysia and is the son of a former Malaysian Ministry of Labor worker. One thing his father taught him was that if he wouldn’t kill a certain animal, he shouldn’t eat it. And Eswaran also came to embrace certain Vedic doctrines. He received his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics and worked a few odd jobs to pay his way to graduate school at Southern Illinois University. It was while there that he learned about multilevel marketing and how it could be used to generate a lot more income by also helping others go into business for themselves. It then sparked the idea to start his own company using the multilevel marketing model, and upon his return to Asia in 1998 he started QI Group Ltd, the company that would start several direct selling and asset management subsidiaries.

Vijay Eswaran has lectured college students and other business leaders on the difference that multilevel marketing has made in his region, and he’s explained why his spiritual practices are very important to his routine. Eswaran wrote a book detailing effective meditative practices that became a bestseller know as “In The Sphere Of Silence.” Eswaran has also made numerous contributions to needy communities through his RYTHM Foundation and was a top mention for that in Forbes Asia’s 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy. He’s been a keynote speaker at the 6th Pravasi Divas and World Economic Forum.

An Alternative Work Area in NYC: Shared Office Space


Different people work in different ways. That is because different people operate in different ways. Therefore, it has become more and more unreasonable to demand that workers all have to b at their best and most productive during a certain preset schedule during the week. While one person may be able to focus all of their energy into getting their work done at its best and fastest capacity Monday through Friday from nine to five, another person might be able to do twice as much work in half the amount of time if they were allowed to work from midnight to four am.

Luckily, a new invention in the area of work environments has come along and it is being praised as not just evolutionary but is being called god’s gift to the independent worker. These environment are a new public type of office in which anyone with a need for a work space can rent anything from a full size conference room to a small studio or they can work in a public work area alongside a body of their peers.

The opportunity that these co working environments provides for different freelancers and independents to collaborate or brainstorm with strangers is uniquely valuable and is being cited by many as one of the best parts of any co working office. Although a person may prefer to work by themselves in a quiet office, they may find that they need to bounce an idea of someone in a similar situation or a peer, and the co working offices are allowing them the ability to do so.

One place that we are seeing is New York shared office space Workville. Workville was also started as a start up company by and independent entrepreneur that wanted to enable others to be able to work for themselves in a comfortable and productive way without forcing them to live inside the limitations of the traditional nine to five office schedule. Workville is being praised by many of its users as a second home and as the best place that they have ever worked.

Don Ressler Created JustFab

One of the people who has made a name for himself by creating exciting and innovative startups is named Don Ressler. He has taken the tech startup world by storm. Don has experienced a great deal of success in a very short period of time. He has become known for his determination and willingness to try new ideas that other people have been afraid to do. This type of mentality has enabled many of his projects to become a very big success. Many of the most powerful and influential people in the tech world watch the projects of Don Ressler very closely because they know that almost everything he does is a success.

The beauty and skincare industries have been very good to Don in terms of his various startup ventures. Don Ressler knew that people of all ages, nationalities and income levels want to look good. Therefore, he thought it would be a sound investment to put some of his money into startups that were in the beauty and skincare industries. This turned out to be a very wise gamble on his part. He began selling cosmetics through a website called Dermstore. This was a really big success that generated an enormous amount of profits. However, he saw this venture as only the beginning.

Don Ressler then went on to co-create a website that sells fashion called JustFab. This turned out to be the biggest success of Don’s great career. In fact, JustFab gained so much of a following that Don thought it would be best to expand the inventory of items carried by the website far beyond clothing. This was another very wise decision because it helped to broaden the appeal of the site and bring in customers that were not interested in buying their clothes online at

He started to cater to parents by selling many products that they would need to buy for their children. This allowed JustFab to get involved in yet another industry. Ressler has used the money he has made with JustFab on to invest in a wide range of other startup ventures. He continues to mainly finance projects that are in the skincare or fashion industries. He considers these areas to be his comfort zone. His startups are usually a great success. He often gives speeches to people to give them tips on how to properly acquire the financing that is needed for a startup venture.

Sanjay Shah’s Passion For Business

A businessman with a long track record of success in launching businesses is always going to be someone whose voice and opinions are much sought after. That’s why businessman and entrepreneur Sanjay Ray was asked to sit down recently for a talk with Eric Dye on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio Show. During the talk, Ray discussed the many aspects involved in launching and keeping a successful business going, and in the passion he brings to the many projects he’s involved in.

Ray is the force behind Solo Capital, the London-based brokerage firm he founded after a career as an accountant. More recently, Ray is putting all his passion for music and his ability as a financier into a charitable foundation called Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks produces rock and roll music events to raise money for research into Autism and in finding a cure. Ray became inspired to create Autism Rocks after his young son was diagnosed with the condition in 2014.

What are Ray’s tips for business people starting out? He stresses that it is critical not to underestimate the amount of money that will be needed to startup a business. In his view, more funds than expected are always needed. He also stresses that no matter how talented you may be, it’s wrong to feel that you can manage all the details of your business alone. That’s why it’s so important to put together a team of trusted and talented colleagues to help get a business off the ground and in good shape, from the get go.

For Ray, it’s all about having a passion for what you do. He believes strongly that great passion can make almost any project happen, as long as you stay focused and team with other people who share your work ethic and your vision.