Dr. Mark Mckenna& His PrsuitTo Greatness

In today’s society, role models are often hard to come by. People tend to put too much faith into famous celebrities or professional athletes. Unfortunately, these talented individuals never really seem to live up to their own hype, especially in the real-world environment. On the other hand, there are plenty of non-famous individuals. These people may not be a household name, but they have definitely achieved many great things in life. Dr. Mark McKenna is the perfect example of this notion as he has helped mankind in a variety of ways.

Despite being an accomplished doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna is your average-everyday kind of guy. He’s a proud father and a loving husband. His day generally starts out around 6:30 a.m., and it ends around 6 p.m. “I am a voracious reader,” said McKenna. This amazing guy sets goals on a regular basis, and he most definitely achieves his goals in the end. He also does a lot of brainstorming in his free-time. JiuJitsu training is also another one of his passionate after-work activities. Dr. Mark McKenna is living the good life thanks to all of the hard work that he has put into studying. The guy is a graduate of Tulane University Medical School, and he is licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners as well as licensed by the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners.

OVME, a medical-aesthetic company, is another one of his founded businesses. The company falls under the elective healthcare sector of business, and it uses some of the most advanced-technologies. OVME came into existence after McKenna sold his mega-successful ShapeMed aesthetic-medical practice. This only scratches the surface of what he has done, but Dr. Mark McKenna will surely introduce many more business-solutions in the coming years.


Rod J. Rohrich’s Upcoming Symposiums for Plastic Surgery

As a plastic surgeon, Rod J. Rohrich has learned there are many things he can do to make sure he is learning and teaching other people about all the issues in the community. He knows what it takes to help his patients and isn’t afraid to try different techniques to make sure he is giving them everything they need. Dr. Rohrich always makes sure he can help people realize what they are able to do and how they can make their own lives better through plastic surgery. He wants to give them the opportunities they never thought they would have because of cosmetic or other issues. It was what allowed Rod J. Rohrich the chance to host different events to show other cosmetic surgeons what they could do.

For Dr. Rohrich, this was part of what made him a better plastic surgeon. He was not afraid to share information he had on different surgeries and on how to make them the best they could be. He did have a lot of experience in the industry and that’s what allowed him to keep working toward a better future for the people who he had always wanted to help. It gave him the opportunity to give his patients exactly what they wanted. To know more about him click here.

Although Rod J. Rohrich had spent a lot of time practicing with the symposium, he knew there would be other things he could do to help people out. In fact, Rod J. Rohrich did his best to chair the symposiums so he could be a better member of them. He was hosting them and knew it would be helpful if he could participate in them, too. Dr. Rohrich believes that enjoying things like that are what will allow him to keep being a better cosmetic surgeon for all his patients.

After he attends the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, he will be working on two of his own. The first one will be focused on cosmetic surgery as a whole. Then, when he is done with that one, he will focus specifically on rhinoplasty. The symposiums will give him a chance to show people what he has learned and how he is working to make sure everyone can realize their full potential while they are trying to provide different opportunities to the patients they have. He wants them to know they can enjoy everything in the industry he is doing no matter what.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rod-rohrich-3b887914/

Erick Lefkofsky: Enhancing the Healthcare Industry through Technological Innovations

Statistics show that close to $933 billion Americans directed to health care in 2013 vis a vis 1996 is as a result of the increment in healthcare charges, which has appreciated over time to become more intense and expensive. A major cause of these changes is the abnormal population growth and aging. Equally, a change in the prevalence of a disease meant that just a slight decrease favored the annual spending. The frequency of how the healthcare services are used is less of a factor in the charges incurred.

Gerald Anderson of Hopkins attributes excessive spending on the absurd charges. He later adds that as much as the big-picture revelations are obvious, expenditures by disease is still a key aspect. Different diseases, therefore, have various driving factors steering their increase. For instance, diabetes exhibited the highest increase in yearly spending; $64 billion. $44 billion accounted for use in pharmaceuticals. Other factors involved include population growth, diabetes prevalence, and aging.

About Erick Lefkofsky

Erick Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a high tech company responsible for the creation of an operating system meant to counter cancer. Erick has co-founded several other technology companies which include Lightbank, a business targeting to invest in disruptive technologies and also Uptake Technologies, a predictive analytics platform for Mediaocean and more

Other than his numerous business ventures, Erick is also on the lead in philanthropic activities. In 2006, he established a private charitable foundation, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, in association with his wife, Liz. Throughout his life, Erick has a record of donating millions of dollars towards cancer research. The foundation targets to improve the living standards of the contact communities through high-impact initiatives. Erick serves as a trustee in several institutions. Among these is the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Art Institute of Chicago, and World Business Chicago. He is the overall chairman of Steppenwolf Theater Company’s board of trustees. Erick Lefkofsky is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Michigan where he earned his Juris Doctor at the university’s Law school.

Dr Jennifer Walden Transitions Back to Texas from New York

Dr. Jennifer Walden as definitely become a person that can help anyone that is looking for a way to change their physical appearance. She has become one of the most talked-about plastic surgeons in all of Texas. Her work is phenomenal, and she has more than Texas patients that can vouch for this.

Before Walden gained fame in Austin and started flying patients in for procedures she was taking on the work of a plastic surgeon in Manhattan. In NYC she performed a variety of procedures. Dr. Walden had a knack for utilizing the best that technology had to offer when it came to advancements in plastic surgery. This allowed her to gain the attention of patients that were looking for things like Botox injections, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and vaginal rejuvenation procedures. To know more about her click here.

All of these things let people to see just how well she was able to work in the field of plastic surgery. Overtime there has been a lot of interest in what Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews has done for her career, but people have also taken an interest in her personal life. She has been quite the open book about her transition from Manhattan to Austin, and that has allowed her to gain more patients as well. She has been vocal about her decision to move back to her native city in order to bond with family as her children grow up. Many of her patients respect her decisions and they’re elated that she is available for these procedures.

Her Wikipedia Profile: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Walden

Imran Haque is the Best Doctor in North Carolina

People can usually find Dr. Imran Haque at his Horizon internal medicine practice. This dedicated and compassionate physician has two offices, one in beautiful Asheboro and the other in Ramseur. Both towns are located in North Carolina. Inran Haque obtained his medical degree in 1988 from the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo, graduating proudly with honors. Since he was a young boy, Amran yearned to one-day become a doctor. He went on to attend the University of Virginia, entering the Internal Medicine Roanoke/Salem Program. It was here that he earned his internal medicine master’s degree.

Even though Imran Haque is a long way from his birth home, he is grateful to be living in America, practicing his hard-won profession. He has made a new life here, and his medical practice is busy. Many patients are willing to testify to this doctor’s competence and his warm bedside manner. This internal medicine physician has over 15 working years of remarkable experience. He treats the gamut of medical diseases and ailments. His patients are of all age groups. His office is equipped with top-notch equipment, and his waiting area is often packed. The folks in this region just adore Dr. Haque and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Dr. Haque keeps up with his busy practice by old-fashioned hard work. He is disciplined and knows that many of his patients wouldn’t find the level of care provided by his services anywhere else. This physician prides himself on caring for the poorer individuals living in this area of North Carolina. He believes that affordable medical care should be available to anyone needing treatment. He is tireless, often working long hours. Come visit the office. Find out why so many North Carolina residents prefer Dr. Imran Haque to any other practicing physician around.

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