Shafik Sachedina Works At The Institute Of Ismaili Studies

Shafik Sachedina is one of the best dental surgeons in the United Kingdom. He was born in Tanzania, but he moved to the United Kingdom in his teenage. He attended a medical college in London called Guy Medical Hospital and trained as a dental surgeon. He has been practicing his career in London for a number of years till to date.

This dental surgeon has been a diverse person who is flexible to do multiple roles in his community. He always wanted to promote the Islamic Culture. As a result, he joined the Institute of Ismaili Studies which was started with the primary objective of creating awareness among the Islamic culture through various publications. Today, Shafik Sachedina is the head of the department at the Institute of Ismaili Studies. During his time in the Institute, he has contributed to every aspect of growth and development of this institute. He has always been dedicated and committed to achieving the objective of the institute to the highest level.

Today, The Institute of Ismaili Studies has one of the largest libraries in the United Kingdom which has publications such as books, journals, magazines and many more materials that are aimed at spreading the awareness of the Islamic culture.


The Institute of Ismaili Studies has more than fifteen branches worldwide, and Shafik Sachedina was given the role to ensure smooth running and smart organization of all the branches of the institute. He has excellent management skills and can make sound strategic plans of the running of the branches, he ensures that resources are utilized efficiently and that any block to success is eliminated. He also delegates duties to his staff in all the branches and ensures thorough supervision of how the activities are carried out. As a good manager, you must create a good network among other employees to provide an excellent flow of information among the members of the organization. You also have to have time management skills because time is one of the most limited resources in any business. This is what has enabled Shafik Sachedina to manage a significant number of organizations which are located at far distances from each other and none of the leads to failure of the whole organization.

Shafik Sachedina has also managed to be one of the senior members of the Aga Khan Development Committee. This committee is the pioneer of the Institute of the Ismaili Studies which is devoted to improving the economic growth and development of Muslims in the whole world.

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