Drew Madden Is An Expert In Healthcare Information Technology Implementation

The rise of technology has greatly altered and enhanced the healthcare scene. Digital health is a rapidly growing field. It is when people seek medical advice and help through the internet to help them find a medical professional who can best help them. Predictive analytics is another growing trend in healthcare. Predictive analytics can help people find the medicine or supplements they need to prevent diseases and manage chronic ones. The rise of analytics in healthcare also coincides with the rapid rise of online pharmacies that heavily uses analytics to sell more products.


Other trends now becoming more mainstream in healthcare are the use of telemedicine and the internet of things. Telemedicine can bring doctors to distant and rural parts of the world where medical care is unavailable. It can also bring an expert’s opinion to virtually any patient through the internet. The internet of things can help us better track our health and reveal data to our physicians. All of this will change healthcare and make it better. It will also require seasoned IT specialists that can implement and manage the necessary IT infrastructure needed to support an increasingly digital healthcare system.


Drew Madden studied at the University of Iowa College of Engineering in Iowa City, Iowa. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Engineering degree in industrial engineering with a concentration in medical systems. The first healthcare information technology job that Drew Madden held was with a Durham, North Carolina based company called the Cerner Corporation. His role at the Cerner Corporation was an implementation consultant.


Mr. Drew Madden has also worked at EpicCare Systems Corporation in an inpatient and consulting job role. He also worked in business strategy and development later at EpicCare Systems as well. Today, Drew Madden works at Evergreen Healthcare Partners in the capacity as a managing director. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is an information technology healthcare consulting firm that works with medical providers and facilities.  Read This Article for additional information.


Drew Madden’s previous job before joining Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a managing partner was with another healthcare consulting firm called Nordic Consulting Partners. Madden helped expand Nordic Consulting Partner’s revenue and saw its expansion from three employees to over 700. The firm now partners with hundreds of different healthcare partners and has a revenue of almost $130,000,000.


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Drew Madden and the battle between CVS and Amazon

The healthcare sector in the United States is about to be hit by unprecedented competition. According to two reports that have been released recently, two companies are about to go head to head in the delivery of pharmacy-related services to the consumers. These companies are Amazon and CVS. So, what do the reports say?



According, to the first report, CVS is said to be considering purchasing Aetna, one of the biggest healthcare insurance firms in the country. CVS is currently known for supply and delivery of prescription medication to clients.



In the second report, Amazon is said to have obtained licenses from a number of states to distribute healthcare related equipment. However, unlike CVS, the Amazon pharmacy licenses do not include the supply of prescription medication. Although the prescription medication deal is not on the table currently, it is expected that it is a venture Amazon will consider in the future.



In the wake of the report about Amazon joining the healthcare industry, many investors in healthcare related companies have short their shares for the fear that Amazon might drive many current players out of the industry. With the success associated with Amazon in the distribution of consumer products, there is a high possibility that they will offer lethal competition to the current firms in the industry.



Some firms are already taking measures to ensure they are not pushed out of the market by the entry of Amazon. CVS is one firm that has already taken pro-active measure. The purchase of Aetna will see them expand their services to more areas in the healthcare sector. It will be possible to get multiple services under one umbrella. CVS has also introduced next-day delivery of their products across the country. Go To This Page to learn more.



About Drew Madden



Mr. Drew Madden started his exploration into the industry by focusing on Medical Systems with a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering. Right after he graduated, he got a job at Cerner Corporation.


Drew Madden has served for 6 years as president of a firm known as Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. He uses his knowledge in medical systems in assist companies to recruit highly qualified professionals as well as creating good relationships with the clients.


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