Michael Burwell Accepts New Position With Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell recently moved on from his distinguished financial career at the firm of Price, Waterhouse Coopers to accept the position of Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson (NASDAQ: WLTW).


Based in London, England, Willis Towers Watson is a risk advisory and management services that guides companies around the world on how to optimize their opportunities and minimize their business risks using insurance and other best practices, turning risk into a path for growth and profits. Burwell replaces Roger Millay, who has retired from his position with Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson has over 40,000 employees working around in over 140 countries.


Burwell earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1986 from Michigan University. He started out with Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP early on in his career, soon becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He went on to serve PwC in many capacities, including 11 years auditing for many clients in the assurance practice. He then made partner and began the company’s transaction services practice in the Detroit area. Michael Burwell outstanding performance in that position led PwC to elevate him to leader of their Central Region, making him the Midwest Leader of Transaction Services and Automotive Industry Leader. He eventually became PwC’s U.S. Transaction Services Leader. He helped advise companies while doing their premerger due diligence and valuation. In May 2008, Burwell took over as PwC’s Chief Financial Officer. In July 2009 he also became Chief Operating Officer as well. By October 2012, Burwell was ready to assume the title of Global and U.S. Transformation Leader, the Vice Chairman. Michael Burwell helped to re-organize and transform PwC’s effectiveness by overseeing such departments as Finance, Human Capital, Global Strategic Sourcing and Technology. For several important clients, Burwell served as their senior relationship partner. Burwell views his time with PwC as invaluable and vital to his professional development and will forever be grateful to everyone there he had the good fortune to work with.


John Haley, the Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson, said, “We are excited to have Mike join our leadership team.” Go To This Page for related information.


Burwell said he was honored by the opportunity. He looked forward to contributing to the company’s further success. He had always been impressed by their commitment to their clients and the strength of their leadership.


Willis Towers Watson is the result of the June 30, 2015 merger of Willis Group Holdings LLC and Towers Watson & Co.


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Michael Burwell And Accounting Leadership

Michael J. Burwell is the latest face of Willis Towers Watson. “Mike” is the businessman’s nickname. Willis Towers Watson is a global entity that focuses on reinsurance broking, insurance, advisory and beyond. Burwell now works as Willis Tower Watson’s Chief Financial Officer. Roger Millay worked as its CFO before. He commenced retirement, however, in the beginning of October in 2017.


Why is Burwell qualified to take on this significant position? The answers to that question are plentiful. His career background in professional services and finances goes back more than three full decades. He can credit his time at PwC for that, too. He maintained many key positions in senior leadership. Michael Burwell was at the helm of international transformation for the firm. He was even at the helm of United States transaction matters.


Auditing is a subject that’s extremely familiar to Burwell. He worked in auditing for 11 rewarding and meaningful years. He worked in the world of transaction services advisory for even longer than that. Michael Burwell managed value and due diligence subjects that related to merger planning efforts.


John Haley is Willis Towers Watson’s talented Chief Executive Officer. He’s clearly elated by the big development. He stated that he’s enthusiastic about welcoming Burwell into the Willis Towers Watson family. He praised Burwell’s abilities in leading and managing. Burwell himself shares Haley’s delight. He made a statement that involved his new job, too. He said that being part of the Willis Towers Watson team is a true privilege. He even said that he anticipates doing great things for Willis Towers Watson in the future. Find Related Information Here.


Burwell prepared extremely well for his illustrious career. His education took place at Michigan’s the University of Michigan. He’s an alumnus of the school. It provided him with exhaustive and detail-oriented accounting savvy. Accounting was his major choice there. This CPA (Certified Public Accountant) understands the fundamentals of his field. He grasps the nuances of it, too. People who are looking for nuanced, focused and thoughtful accounting assistance and guidance may want to speak with Burwell if they ever get the opportunity.


He has a strong penchant for the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center, Inc. in Richmond, Michigan, too. He’s one of the center’s trusted board members right now. Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center is a facility that has been around since the sixties. It offers inexpensive treatment options for people who have issues with alcohol and drug dependence.


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JHSF and José Auriemo Neto the country’s leaders in construction

JHFS is the leader of luxury real estates in Brazil. They specialize in deals that are high end. Among the developments set in Brazil, JHSF was known for having the keen capability to identify small business chances. They have pulled off deals that other companies can only dream of. But how can they be so lucky? It is through effective leadership, tenacity, and fortitude. JHSF has boosted the Brazilian economy by more than ten percent and have created hundreds of jobs for people. The economy thanks them and loves the luxury shopping malls they have built.

The business operations in Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador are booming. Since José Auriemo Neto took the helm as CEO, he has seen the stock price increase more than five times. This is perfect growth that he is proud of. It shows how effective he is as a leader. Additionally, the business made an entrance into foreign markets including Uruguay and New York (USA).

JHSF was set up in 1972 and today contains of four components that are excellently entrepreneurial: restaurants & hotels, luxury fashion, Fasano, and shopping malls. The operations of each unit complement each other. JHSF has been able to build urban housing, luxury hotels, and an airport for Brazil. They are shining stars for the economy.

On recurring occasions, JSHF has changed its business focus from the past to the present trends in fashion and development design. The luxury homes and hotels are renowned as some of the most beautiful in the world. Their priority status has led into the execution of projects characterized by the administration of hospitality products and services in the country.

José Auriemo Neto functions as the CEO of JHSF as well as the lead officer and chairman. Jose is accountable for overseeing the company direction and development of their residential and commercial construction projects. Back in 1998, he oversaw maturation of the shopping center in Santa Cruz, the very first shopping department of the group. Today, in 2009, he sealed a high-class deal with Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci. This ushered in a new era of high fashion for the company and they are ecstatic to have Jose as their faithful leader.

Learn more about JHSF: http://www.catarinajhsf.com.br/jhsf

An Alternative Work Area in NYC: Shared Office Space


Different people work in different ways. That is because different people operate in different ways. Therefore, it has become more and more unreasonable to demand that workers all have to b at their best and most productive during a certain preset schedule during the week. While one person may be able to focus all of their energy into getting their work done at its best and fastest capacity Monday through Friday from nine to five, another person might be able to do twice as much work in half the amount of time if they were allowed to work from midnight to four am.

Luckily, a new invention in the area of work environments has come along and it is being praised as not just evolutionary but is being called god’s gift to the independent worker. These environment are a new public type of office in which anyone with a need for a work space can rent anything from a full size conference room to a small studio or they can work in a public work area alongside a body of their peers.

The opportunity that these co working environments provides for different freelancers and independents to collaborate or brainstorm with strangers is uniquely valuable and is being cited by many as one of the best parts of any co working office. Although a person may prefer to work by themselves in a quiet office, they may find that they need to bounce an idea of someone in a similar situation or a peer, and the co working offices are allowing them the ability to do so.

One place that we are seeing is New York shared office space Workville. Workville was also started as a start up company by and independent entrepreneur that wanted to enable others to be able to work for themselves in a comfortable and productive way without forcing them to live inside the limitations of the traditional nine to five office schedule. Workville is being praised by many of its users as a second home and as the best place that they have ever worked.

Fabulous Fabletics Takes Over the Market

It is now official. Fabletics has announced its intent to stretch its number of stores considerably by using the internet market. Who could resist an upbeat clothing store who is first to produce new lines and ideas? Their success is practically guaranteed in their web venture.

Activewear and all of the trendy accessories produced by Fabletics’ initial foray into retail marketing has proven profitable for online sales and they intend to expand this year.Among the new offerings within the expansion will be swimwear, swimming accessories and an attractive stylish dress line.

Many customers are visiting the retail stores to examine and touch the fabrics before going home and making purchases from Fabletics that night online.

Industry Secrets
The initiative spurring the action into expanding online services along with the retail stores is an industry secret guarded by the top officers of Fabletics. While cloistered, the nature of the exact secret plainly had been instrumental in the expansion and innovations of Fabletics this year.

$250 Million Online Sales for 2016

Fabletics is expecting $250 million in online sales in 2016 and although the CEOO will not divulge when or where new stores will open, they do suggest how they choose an area for expansion. Their Think Tank reviews online data and mall data combined with the subject properties and competitive information.

Fabletics is only one of a number of retailers that initially operated online only but expanded to physical locations. Amazon.com., currently No. 1 in the Top 500 online retailers, and the jewelry mega-business, Blue Nile Inc. are clear examples.

Men’s Clothing Additions

Personnel are working expediently and quietly as they prepare to launch the Fabletics Menswear line. This will notably be supported by Oliver Hudson, brother of Kate Hudson and investor in the company on Adweek.com. The active wear will smoothly adapt and embrace the styles and designs for the men’s line, but the complete line of stylish menswear offered by the Fabletics dynamos will undoubtedly cause rumbling in the marketplace and stock market as well, due to the industry’s predicted success of this expansion.

Expansion Unequaled

The Fabletics expansion as they have announced thus far indicates an expansion project as never seen before in the clothing industry. The speed and success which has been their trademark are also beacons for their upcoming plans. Even notwithstanding their industrial secret.

META Description: This article announces the current and planned expansions for Fabletics clothing line which will be completed during 2016. Menswear, swimwear, dresses and many other new markets will be expanded with additional retail stores.

White Shark Media Helps Your Business to Evolve with Changing Markets

Anyone who is serious about making money online through their business needs White Shark Media. White Shark Media understands online marketing like no other. These days an online presence is critical for a successful business. White Shark has a thorough understanding of how search engines work and how people search.

This allows them to optimize your web presence so that it’s the first to show on search engines, allowing potential customers find you easier. Their knowledge of how customers view and access your website allows them to prevent customers from being deterred by a website that doesn’t function well on their device.

Online retail marketing is constantly evolving to stay up-to-date with the trends of consumers. A little over a decade ago, businesses only had to worry about the keywords listed in the HTML coding of a website to make sure that search engines would list the website with a keyword search.

With Search Engine Optimization or SEO, understanding the way search engines view web pages and sort through search results is much more complicated. White Shark keeps up to date with the ever evolving phases of SEO and how search engines work to either promote your business using keywords or punish you for trying to trick the system. They use this information to keep your website at the top of search engine results.

Mobile phone usage is another major shift for online businesses to adjust to. Most businesses market primarily to the desktop websites and that is a huge mistake. More people than ever are using their tablets and cellphones to for the majority of their web browsing, making it critical to a business to optimize their website for mobile viewing.

Another issue with mobile websites is that there isn’t a single operating system for mobile devices. You need to optimize your mobile site to operate well on iOS, Android OS, and Windows OS equally. Failure to do this can cause glitches on your website which will deter customers. According to Glassdoor, White Shark Media stays on top of these trends and helps your website to evolve with endless updates and changes to stay on top. Read more: @WhiteSharkMedia

If you are frustrated by low site visits month after month and spending tons of time and money to create a website that just isn’t being visited, digital marketing by White Shark is the answer to your business woes.

Mike Baur’s Entreprenerial Genius – The Swiss Start Up Factory

Startup businesses has become a very popular trend in the global business landscape. Additionally, there have been many youths from the next generation of business leaders that have exceptional ideas capable of transforming the startup landscape in the years to come. One fundamental gap in getting these youths the proper training that they need is to teach them how to turn their brilliant start up business ideas into viable commercial entities. One seasoned entrepreneur has noticed this gap in the system and has decided to implement change. That entrepreneur is Mike Baur and he has created an exceptional organization called The Swiss Start Up Factory.

What Mike Baur’s vision was when he created the Swiss Start Up Factory was to provide training and coaching to young entrepreneurs who needed guidance on how to turn their start up business ideas into successful business ventures. The reason why Mike Baur is a perfect fit for starting an organization such is this is that he has years of experience both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur himself. This is precisely why Mike Baur created the Swiss Start Up Factory with the objective of aiding young talent in the most formative years of their young careers.

Mike Baur set his sites on the recent university graduate who has a plethora of ideas, but very limited resources. His goal was to provide these young talents in a wide variety of fields the tools they needed to properly contribute to global commerce. Regardless of whether their start up was related to sustainability or banking, Mike Baur wanted to give them their training they needed to be successful with their start up in the long term. The reason that the Swiss Start Up Factory has been so successful is that it fills a fundamental gap between the recent graduate and the seasoned professional. Furthermore, it provides those young talents who do have the proper entrepreneurial mind to have that their talented mind trained to be innovative and not take traditional corporate desk jobs upon graduation from university.

The Swiss Start Up Factory has been immensely successful in Switzerland and has absolute opportunity for expansion into other neighboring European nations. It will be a pleasure to see how many lives that Mike Baur can positively influence through using his talents to take an active interest in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Kyle Bass is Not Hopeful About China

Kyle Bass among other investors have concluded that China’s economy is weak and is not going to experience any recovery. China is not going to have what Bass calls a Lehman moment. The economy is showing a lot of weakness and it does not show any signs of improvement in the market. Kyle Bass also states that there will most likely be a minor recession in the next year for the U.S. However, the coming crisis could be a little more than just a minor recession. Kyle Bass might be right about his assessment on the economy of China. However, when one looks at his track record, he might not likely trust the words of Kyle Bass.

Kyle Bass has made one good prediction and that was the economic crisis of 2008. As a result, people have tuned in to see what else he has to say only to find that he does not know how the market works, but he often tries to cheat in order to make some type of profit. Bass has embarrassed himself over and over again in front of viewers. He has gone from the wise person he has tried to appear to be to the buffoon who can’t seem to do anything right.

He has also aligned himself with other people that have proven to be bad for the economy of their country. One example of a bad alliance is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. While she has caused her country to default, Kyle Bass talks about her as if she could do no wrong. Kyle Bass comes off more as a lackey to Cristina. He has also made some thoughtless remarks to the victims of faulty airbags on certain vehicles as well as challenged patents on pharma companies. Kyle Bass has an interesting history when it comes to financial decisions.

Ken Goodrich Gives Awards to Veteran College Student

It is that time of the year where the temperature is getting hot and I am looking up information about air conditioning where I find news about Ken Goodrich, owner of Goettl Air Conditioning. He has given an award to Nick Hughes, a Navy Seal veteran. He has received a Veteran Tool Award from Ken Goodrich, who owns Goetti Air Conditioning. This gives veterans like Nick a choice of $1,000 worth of tools that he could take into his career. This award actually has me intrigued with the company as well as its owner. It seems a lot of companies do more than just conduct business. It gets involved in philanthropic activities to go along with it.

Goetti, as an air conditioning company serves the Phoenix area. As a resident of the Phoenix metropolitan area, I understand how hot it can get. The temperatures for the majority of the year go beyond 90 degrees. For the summer it gets up to a staggering 120 degrees on average. This is why it is important to have a company that provides air conditioning so that there can be a break from the excessive heat. Sometimes, even the night is very hot.

Goetti also serves Las Vegas and Tucson. Goetti does more than install and replace air conditioners. The professionals of this company also offers advice on what to do in order to keep the air conditioner in working condition. An air conditioner needs proper maintenance in order to keep it working. Among the forms of maintenance that need to be done is the changing of the air filters. An air conditioner that is left alone is more likely to break down. Fortunately, there are also repair services for us when we have problems with air conditioners that can’t seem to be fixed.

Kevin Seawright Helps Local Students Make the Most of Their Summers

Many of those of previous generations have strong memories of summer employment and the benefits it brought them. While there are some who would make sure to emphasize that these memories are not necessarily fond ones they can’t argue with the experience it gave them. Kevin Seawright, the chief financial officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, is making efforts to facilitate greater opportunities for today’s young people to enjoy that same experience.
This new Summer Youth Employment Plan hopes to increase the jobs available by five hundred jobs and the applications have already started to roll in. This program is about more than just putting money in pockets; the organizers also plan to teach the participating students about financial literacy so they know what to do with that money. To that end Seawright made partnering with Santander Bank and TD Bank a high priority. The students should have a working knowledge of basic budgeting and how to manage their checking and savings accounts by the end of the six week program.
This is not all that the participants will be learning over the summer. There will be on the job training to teach them basic work skills as well as to give them a solid entry on their resume. They will complete the program having learned what it is to be members of the local workforce. The program’s goal is to give them the tools they need to succeed so college readiness is also an important part of the program. It is hoped that these concrete resources combined with empowerment lectures will ensure that college graduation rates in the community increase.
The immediate and future benefits of this program to young people in the community is clear. This will also be of benefit to the city as well as it gives the next generation the skills it needs to succeed. The success of the youth is integral to the continued development and enrichment of the city they live in.  With a proven expert like Kevin at the helm, they are bound to succeed.  See Kevin talk about the program at LocalTalkNews.