The Best Way For Americans To Travel To Samoa

While there is an international airport in Samoa, Faleolo International Airport, it is pretty far away from where most people live and where many of the tourist activities are. Due to this fact many people choose to instead use Fagali’I Airport which, while small, is also conveniently located. It is just east of Apia, the main city in Samoa and its capital. This airport is used by Samoa Airways, which also owns Fagali’I Airport, and by Tonga’s Talofa Airways.

Samoa Airways uses three DHC-6-300 turboprop planes at Fagali’I Airport. They are used to fly domestic flights to the two other islands that make up Samoa, Filiuta and Ofu. They also fly to Pago Pago which is in American Samoa. They have about 14 flights a day. Talofa Airways flies directly from Tonga to Fagali’I Aiprort. Prior to these flights it took hours to get between Samoa and Tonga which was very inconvenient when people wanted to get between these two nearby countries.

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The best way for an American tourist to get to Samoa is to first fly to Hawaii. From there they can catch a Fiji Airways flight to Pago Pago and then catch one of Samoa Airways flights to Fagali’I Airport. Once tourists have landed there are a number of affordable taxis parked at there all day and some hotels also offer a shuttle.

There are a lot of things to do in Samoa. One fun thing to do is take the Apia Harbour & Mulinu’u Peninsula Historic Walk according to This is a walk that takes half a day to complete but it covers a lot of points of interest. To take this walk you start at the historic Aggie Grey’s Hotel and follow the signs.

Samoa is a great place to take a family vacation. The weather is almost always nice and there are plenty of white beaches and tropical flora. One choice is to choose a package, many of which include going to Samoa via Fagali’I Airport. There are plenty of outdoor opportunities, such as snorkeling, hiking trails, and natural waterslides which go down into warm pools of water.

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