Brian Torchin’s Staffing Company Helps Fill Health Care Job Vacancies

Brian Torchin is encouraging people to join medical staffing agencies such as his own staffing agency called HCRC. The reasons why people should opt into a staffing agency include job counseling, job placement assistance and verification of employees for employers.

Mr. Torchin also has a personal motive for encouraging health care workers to join staff agencies. He understand how difficult it can be for a clinic to find qualified employers in a timely fashion.

Many staffing agencies such as HCRC provide job counseling. This helps recent graduates come up with a plan to find the job that they want. If that is not available, then a very similar profession that well help them break through in the career they want will be offered. Job placement is of course the most important aspect of a staffing firm.

Mr. Torchin places this at the forefront of his staffing firm, HCRC. Finally, employee verification ensures that only qualified individuals who can meet the needs of jobs will be hired for positions. This acts as a level of quality control.

About The Founder Of HCRC, Dr. Brian Torchin

Dr. Torchin realizes that breaking through into the medical industry can be very challenging. The jobs a recent graduate may want, may not be immediately available. Employers may lack the tools they need to find skilled workers. This is why Brian Torchin created HCRC. It provides doctors, nurses and other medical personnel to find jobs and employers to fill positions that they require as quickly as possible.

Mr. Torchin is the creator and current chief executive officer of health care staffing firm HCRC. He is a chiropractor by trade. Mr. Torchin graduated from the University of Delaware with bachelor’s degree in exercise science. He would later go on to complete the York Chiropractic College Doctor of Chiropractor program.

Dr. Torchin currently serves patients at his office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has also published numerous publications with regarding to the medical staffing industry.

Brian gives back to the Philadelphia community by volunteering his skills and time as a chiropractor at the Magee Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia.

A proud achievement of Brian Torchin was that his company was able to find replacement for a clinic that had a staff member suddenly quit within two days. The clinic was on the verge of being shut down because of a lack of medical personnel to serve its patients.

Dr. Torchin leads his staffing firm, HCRC, with the belief that the medical industry works best when candidates and employers are connected and are in communication with one another.

Introduction of Transparent Taxing Systems

Cone Marshall is a law firm that works in collaboration with international families and advisors to assist in establishing trusts, companies, and partnerships through offering advice on wealth creation. Cone Marshall offers advisory services to family advisors, trustees, attorneys and various New Zealand-based institutions to help them develop client strategies. Recent news indicates that Cone Marshall will offer full New Zealand trust, tax, strategy advice, administrative guidance, and succession.

The New Zealand Gerald news published on 9th November 2012 features Lawyer Geoffrey Cone from Cone Marshall responding to an article featuring foreign trusts. The recent media coverage on New Zealand foreign trusts involves exotic lands, attractive financial deals, and wealthy individuals. The core issue is New Zealand not being a tax haven. Although the OECD is consistent with its list of the tax haven, New Zealand is not.

The core features of tax haven are that they impose no to minimal taxes. There is the lack of transparency and legal procedure to communication with other governments. 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information is the gold standard for transparency. It supports the global exchange of information to offer domestic tax laws. New Zealand was registered on the OECD’s transparent list for successfully implementing the globally agreed tax standard. Click, for further details.

New Zealand has shown its leadership in tax transparency through handling foreign trusts by assisting other governments demanding for relevant information. In 2006, Michael Cullen introduced new rules after consultation. During the regime, a New Zealand trustee from a foreign trust must submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure document (IR607) to the IRD, followed by a clear financial record for New Zealand tax details.

The procedure includes settlement details, distributions, the trust deed, information on the trust’s liabilities, and assets and the income and expenses of the trustee. The administrator must keep accounting charts, codes, and systems if the trust conducts business. It is essential for all business records to be kept in New Zealand and be written in English to avoid penalties. The law was enacted and implemented by the world standard money laundering legislation.

About Karen Marshall
Karen Marshall attended the University of Otago in New Zealand and graduated with an LLB. She lived in London for ten years and practiced law in the Commercial Litigation unit of a law firm in London. She serves as the principal of Cone Marshall and extends her service to Trust Company as a trustee.

Investment Expert Malini Saba Continues to Expand Her Philanthropic Goals

In 2001 Malini Saba started the non-profit group, “Stree: Global Investments in Women“. The organization was established to assist women in their efforts to access quality healthcare and have the legal guidance available to them to protect their human rights. At-risk women in low income communities around the world are served by this group that has received endorsements by notable philanthropists like Jordan’s Queen Noor and former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

The founder of Stree, Malini Saba moved from her native Malaysia to the United States with her college-bound husband at just 19. The industrious Saba networked with local investment bankers to gain the knowledge she needed to develop her own skills. In 1990 she began the private equity firm known as the Saban Group where she remains today as the Chairman. The organization has worldwide investments in the oil, technology and real estate industries.

 Investing and finance are a passion of Saba’s, but philanthropy has consistently ranked as a priority in her life. She is currently a trustee of the William J. Clinton Global Fund, continues to oversee the Stree foundation and spends time and money supporting groups that seek to eliminate poverty and human rights violations. She has repeatedly made sizable donations to areas affected by natural disasters as well as to provide for the care of children in poverty. Saba has won numerous awards for her charitable work including the Pratham Philanthropist of the Year, the Mother Theresa Award from Los Angeles County and the 2007 Ambassador of Peace award. Her corporate experience has earned her additional attention and commendations from entrepreneurial organizations and the investment industry.

Saba is a successful entrepreneur that is always seeking new investments and expanding on new ideas. Starting with less than $200 in a foreign country she understands challenges and the importance of believing in yourself and your ideas. Much of her philanthropic work is dedicated to helping other women reach the point where they too can put their ideas into action and pull themselves out of a position of poverty and oppression. She encourages others to follow their dreams and is a mentor to many who are working towards a brighter future.

Avoiding Dry Hair In The Winter Months

Summer time can be hard on hair. Excessive UV exposure, swimming in chlorinated water and excess humidity can all take their toll on your locks. Winter creates its own issues, though, and requires special care.
Winter Can Dry Out Your Hair

Depending on your climate, the winter months are associated with frizzy, unmanageable hair prone to fly-away and static. Going from the artificially-heated indoors to cold weather outdoors wreaks havoc and sucks the moisture right out of your hair.

What’s The Solution For Winter Hair?

Gentle washing and lots of moisture. One issue with most shampoos is that they contain harsh detergents and sulfates that strip hair of its moisture, creating dull, dry hair prone to static and split ends.

You can counteract the effects of winter by choosing gentle cleansers and hydrating conditioning products. One popular choice is Wen by Chaz. Their Amazon line of cleansing conditioners helps to restore moisture to your locks and cleanse hair without drying, making it the perfect winter hair care product.

Aside from soft, silky and smooth hair, you’ll also find Wen products smell amazing. With fragrances like Lavender, Tea Tree and Fig, your hair will not only look beautiful, it will smell beautiful, too. For more info, visit the Wen official YouTube channel. Know the secret:


Like Finding Money In The Street!

If the federal government Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 is new or unknown to you, it’s basically a United States federal law that protects federal employees who work for the government and report agency misconduct. A whistleblower can also be private person that notices wrongdoing or misconduct at their place of employment and alerts some other person in authority. Internal whistleblowers will generally alert a superior within the company or government department, while external whistleblowers can and often do, report illegal actions or behavior that would violate regulations of a business or government entity.

In this mixture of passing on information concerning fraud, you will find the SEC Whistleblower Lawyer. These legal wizards have an excellent understanding and compassion for honest citizens who see fraud (think food stamps as an example) against the government and feel uneasy about reporting such fraud in the belief they will be fired, injured or even something worse. However, in 1986 the whistleblower amended law has given private citizens, who may have direct knowledge of fraud, a powerful card to play in the hopes their information will lead to a prosecution as well as a share of the recovery funds.

Legal Whistleblower Authority Wins And Awards Shared!

When and if your fraud report wins for your SEC Whistleblower Attorney, once in a while the awards, in terms of compensation, can be staggering. Actually, if you like numbers that may give you the incentive to become a whistleblower on your own, how about over $5.2 billion (that’s a B) for reporting all different types of fraud against the government that includes Medicaid and Medicare fraud. These two frauds usually top the list of awarded funds ($597 million) just under the False Claims Act alone.

Note: It’s a plain fact that whistleblowers have been and remain the catalyst in bringing recoveries worth billions of dollars that have been inserted in the treasury. Look, folks! Most people shouldn’t be embarrassed in doing this. It’s not about revenge, it’s about your duty to your job, society; perhaps to yourself, too. That said, if you have the evidence, make sure you have the background materials and evidence to back up your claims. Don’t just be a disgruntled former employee, do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons. Contact one of the above SEC Lawyers and get the ball rolling. You will be protected at all times.

An Alternative Work Area in NYC: Shared Office Space


Different people work in different ways. That is because different people operate in different ways. Therefore, it has become more and more unreasonable to demand that workers all have to b at their best and most productive during a certain preset schedule during the week. While one person may be able to focus all of their energy into getting their work done at its best and fastest capacity Monday through Friday from nine to five, another person might be able to do twice as much work in half the amount of time if they were allowed to work from midnight to four am.

Luckily, a new invention in the area of work environments has come along and it is being praised as not just evolutionary but is being called god’s gift to the independent worker. These environment are a new public type of office in which anyone with a need for a work space can rent anything from a full size conference room to a small studio or they can work in a public work area alongside a body of their peers.

The opportunity that these co working environments provides for different freelancers and independents to collaborate or brainstorm with strangers is uniquely valuable and is being cited by many as one of the best parts of any co working office. Although a person may prefer to work by themselves in a quiet office, they may find that they need to bounce an idea of someone in a similar situation or a peer, and the co working offices are allowing them the ability to do so.

One place that we are seeing is New York shared office space Workville. Workville was also started as a start up company by and independent entrepreneur that wanted to enable others to be able to work for themselves in a comfortable and productive way without forcing them to live inside the limitations of the traditional nine to five office schedule. Workville is being praised by many of its users as a second home and as the best place that they have ever worked.

Fabulous Fabletics Takes Over the Market

It is now official. Fabletics has announced its intent to stretch its number of stores considerably by using the internet market. Who could resist an upbeat clothing store who is first to produce new lines and ideas? Their success is practically guaranteed in their web venture.

Activewear and all of the trendy accessories produced by Fabletics’ initial foray into retail marketing has proven profitable for online sales and they intend to expand this year.Among the new offerings within the expansion will be swimwear, swimming accessories and an attractive stylish dress line.

Many customers are visiting the retail stores to examine and touch the fabrics before going home and making purchases from Fabletics that night online.

Industry Secrets
The initiative spurring the action into expanding online services along with the retail stores is an industry secret guarded by the top officers of Fabletics. While cloistered, the nature of the exact secret plainly had been instrumental in the expansion and innovations of Fabletics this year.

$250 Million Online Sales for 2016

Fabletics is expecting $250 million in online sales in 2016 and although the CEOO will not divulge when or where new stores will open, they do suggest how they choose an area for expansion. Their Think Tank reviews online data and mall data combined with the subject properties and competitive information.

Fabletics is only one of a number of retailers that initially operated online only but expanded to physical locations., currently No. 1 in the Top 500 online retailers, and the jewelry mega-business, Blue Nile Inc. are clear examples.

Men’s Clothing Additions

Personnel are working expediently and quietly as they prepare to launch the Fabletics Menswear line. This will notably be supported by Oliver Hudson, brother of Kate Hudson and investor in the company on The active wear will smoothly adapt and embrace the styles and designs for the men’s line, but the complete line of stylish menswear offered by the Fabletics dynamos will undoubtedly cause rumbling in the marketplace and stock market as well, due to the industry’s predicted success of this expansion.

Expansion Unequaled

The Fabletics expansion as they have announced thus far indicates an expansion project as never seen before in the clothing industry. The speed and success which has been their trademark are also beacons for their upcoming plans. Even notwithstanding their industrial secret.

META Description: This article announces the current and planned expansions for Fabletics clothing line which will be completed during 2016. Menswear, swimwear, dresses and many other new markets will be expanded with additional retail stores.

White Shark Media Helps Your Business to Evolve with Changing Markets

Anyone who is serious about making money online through their business needs White Shark Media. White Shark Media understands online marketing like no other. These days an online presence is critical for a successful business. White Shark has a thorough understanding of how search engines work and how people search.

This allows them to optimize your web presence so that it’s the first to show on search engines, allowing potential customers find you easier. Their knowledge of how customers view and access your website allows them to prevent customers from being deterred by a website that doesn’t function well on their device.

Online retail marketing is constantly evolving to stay up-to-date with the trends of consumers. A little over a decade ago, businesses only had to worry about the keywords listed in the HTML coding of a website to make sure that search engines would list the website with a keyword search.

With Search Engine Optimization or SEO, understanding the way search engines view web pages and sort through search results is much more complicated. White Shark keeps up to date with the ever evolving phases of SEO and how search engines work to either promote your business using keywords or punish you for trying to trick the system. They use this information to keep your website at the top of search engine results.

Mobile phone usage is another major shift for online businesses to adjust to. Most businesses market primarily to the desktop websites and that is a huge mistake. More people than ever are using their tablets and cellphones to for the majority of their web browsing, making it critical to a business to optimize their website for mobile viewing.

Another issue with mobile websites is that there isn’t a single operating system for mobile devices. You need to optimize your mobile site to operate well on iOS, Android OS, and Windows OS equally. Failure to do this can cause glitches on your website which will deter customers. According to Glassdoor, White Shark Media stays on top of these trends and helps your website to evolve with endless updates and changes to stay on top. Read more: @WhiteSharkMedia

If you are frustrated by low site visits month after month and spending tons of time and money to create a website that just isn’t being visited, digital marketing by White Shark is the answer to your business woes.

Doe Deere on Successful Skin Routine

It is a new generation, and most people are heavily investing in skin care products to look good. Serving as both the founder and chief executive officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere commits herself to uplifting people through positive reinforcement. The beautiful hard working lady was born in Russia and raised in New York City where she developed an interest in makeup and cosmetics. According to Doe, cosmetics go deeper than just concealing imperfections. Hence cosmetics are a form of expression as well as freedom. To Doe, natural looks are good but feeling good about your looks outweigh natural.

The Launch of Lime Crime Cosmetics
In 2008, Doe successfully developed and launched her cosmetics company, Lime Crime Cosmetics. Being a magical, colorful and friendly cosmetics line, most citizens loved her idea of inviting colors. The line featured a bold, vibrant line with intense pigmentation of animal-friendly cosmetics. Inspired by her favorite color, Doe lived up to her dream by generating bright colored lipsticks, nail polish and eye shadows. According to her, it might be illegal to wear such colors! Having started out small and developed into a huge capacity, Doe flags other women’s success when it comes to businesses. Her dedication to other entrepreneurial ideas from different people is outstanding. She consistently speaks at various functions on the benefits of finding your niche and focusing on ambition, with the aim of mentoring female entrepreneurs. According to her, young business women must be mentored and led to pursue their dreams. She welcomes them to contact her by engaging them in forums while answering questions.

The Root of Lime Crime
Asked where the idea of Lime Crime generated from, Doe says she started Lime Crime by registering a new account on eBay for her new DIY fashion line. Inspired by colorful makeup, Doe wore and modeled her brand. When she was a fashion designer back in the days, Doe thought of establishing a makeup line; hence, the generation of her idea. Bright and unusual colors were too bold a combination to come across in the fashion industry, so she launched Lime Crime!

Doe’s Daily Routine
Doe’s typical day begins with a meeting with her Creative Director with the agenda of analyzing projects and strategies. After that, she meets the President and Vice President of the company. Although the first hours of her day consist of a lot of scheduled meetings, she is glad because the meetings keep her and the team on the same page. She advises entrepreneurs to trust and be confident in their abilities. As an amateur, it is vital to develop intuition by testing it on smaller matters before getting into big business deals. On her successful business strategies, Doe says she treats her vendors, partners, employees, and dealers with love and respect because people want to feel appreciated. Doe continues to exercise her excellent leadership skills by uplifting people at her workplace. Although Lime Crime Cosmetics experienced security breach in 2014, she and her teammates were able to restore customer trust in her brand through educating them.

Follow Doe Deere on Twitter – @doedeere

A University to Know: Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a postgraduate research center located in the beautiful Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park, in the South of England. This institute was created by Professor Carlos Brebbia in 1986. The Wessex Institute aims to develop a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms achieved through a range of activities organized by a dedicated staff. Wessex Institute’s activities are divided into three core areas: Research, Conferences, and Publishing. These series of programs are at Post-Doctoral level. A lot of members of this institute have become Full Professors at some of the top ranked UK Universities. The Wessex Institute is proud to say that they retain strong ties with Alumni that collaborate. They rank 7,185 in the world, and have a country rank of 166. They have an excellence ranking of 5,484. Their impact rating is 3,840 and their presence is 16,538. For a continental ranking, they are 1,471.