Creation of business from scratch and seeing it through to the top is not an easy task, a company that able to meet its customer satisfaction on time and according to client’s needs is of great essence and thus enabling its growth and getting to world-class status. It takes considerable effort and daily modification to meet the ever-changing business environment that does change from time to time, and hence such a business should be able to keep up with those changes for it to remain relevant.

OSI is one such company that has seen its growth from a mere butcher shop in a corner somewhere in Chicago. To have a significant mark in the world is not only the supply of animal products that it was set up for is it were at its inception then but has had great strides world over to other food products.

Having started with Germany immigrants before World War One, it was later inherited by the sons of its founders who saw it grow to greater heights then. They rebranded it to Otto & Sons in 1928. Richard and Maurice McDonald then started McDonald’s that made them have a handshake agreement that saw the OSI then do its vital supplies further cementing is growth.

With the increase in growth by the day it saw Otto and Sons decide to incorporate Sheldon Lavin as the financial adviser for the company who has seen it grow even to greater heights to get into new markets. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Sheldon Lavin has seen OSI grow to be the world’s largest food provider in the world with 20000 employees, over 65 facilities and with a presence in over 17 countries around the globe. With the growth of OSI Sheldon Lavin has grown his shares and stake in the company thus seeing him become the decision maker based on the percentage of his stake that is over fifty percent and thus enabling him to make decisions for the company – decisions that have ensured the company’s growth.

Its presence in the world market as a leader has been championed by Sheldon Lavin in Europe South America and China. Its growth in the US market was helped by an accusation of storage near its development, and in Germany, it is located in Frankfurt, a seaport, enabling easy access to raw materials and the export of products in the European market.

Sheldon Lavin’s concern is not only in growth but also in ensuring sustainability, and he does aid in some charitable organisations both in Chicago and the US.

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