End Citizens United

     In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled (in Citizens United VS FEC) that corporations count as people and are entitled to the same rights as people despite being able to wield unimaginable power and influence that people do not have access to. This was unprecedented because now big businesses and industries can control politicians and have them work for their interests and not the interests of the American people.

Enter End Citizens United, an organization Located in Washington DC, founded in 2015 and led by their President Tiffany Muller. Their mission? To create accountability and transparency in elections by protesting the Supreme Court’s decision that enables big business to run the country. This is a grassroots progressive Democratic organization that has endorsed many of the most prominent figures in American politics like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

End Citizens United is expected to raise $35,000,000 this year, $10,000,000 more than 2017! This organization especially opposes what they call the “Big Money 20”, which is A list of 20 incumbent politicians who do the bidding of special interests like drug companies, big oil, the Koch brothers, wall street, and others while rigging the system in favor of themselves and their own interests. Notable people on this list include 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz (Senator, Texas), Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House of Representatives), Dean Heller (Senator, Nevada), Mimi Walters (Representative, California, and others.

What End Citizens United does is they create awareness about where these politicians get their money from and who controls them, they list some of the policies and actions that these politicians have endorsed or committed which worked against the interests of the American people, and they endorse as well as fund challenger candidates to oppose the politicians on the Big Money 20.

Recently, End Citizens United has endorsed several candidates for Senate including Jacky Rosen and Beto O’Rourke to challenge Dean Heller and Ted Cruz, respectively, of the Big Money 20. Other Senatorial endorsements include Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, and Heidi Heitkamp of Nevada.

If End Citizens United is successful in their mission to hold corporations and politicians accountable, then you can expect the country to be a much better place. Imagine America, but without the corruption- or at least with a lot less corruption than we see now. Who in their right mind would oppose this?


Please check https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/ for more.

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