Bumble: A Comfortable Dating App as Told by Whitney Wolfe

     Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Bumble and co-founder at Tinder. She attended Southern Methodist University in Utah where she received a bachelor’s in international studies. During her college experience she created and sold bamboo tote bags, which is where she initially got experience with marketing. Whitney Wolfe met her husband, Michael Herd in real life in Aspen, Colorado right before Christmas in 2013 on a ski vacation. Two years later in 2015 Whitney and Michael got engaged in Italy. They held their wedding at Villa Tre Ville Venue in Positano and it was one of the most wonderful experiences of her life.

At SXSW Whitney Wolfe focus on what inspired her to create Bumble. Wolfe Previously worked as the co-founder at Tinder but left after a lawsuit she filed in regard to sexual harassment. This fueled Wolfe to create a dating app that where women can take the lead and not feel uncomfortable. She wants women to be able to take charge of their dating experience instead of being afraid of sexual harassment. She also wants the #MeToo movement, which helps show the provenance of sexual harassment, to have a place within her company and providing ease to women when using a dating app. Through the #MeToo movement women feel more comfortable speaking out and reporting men who have sexual harasses them. This creates a safe haven for women allowing them to find dates in a respectable and comfortable manner.

Bumble has a new feature called Bumble BFF. This mode was created to allow users to find a new friend. Wolfe calls this “intentional friend-zoning”. Through this feature woman with be able to connect with other men and women who are just looking to hang out and have fun. Bumble has another new feature called Bumble Bizz that was created solely for professional networking and mentoring. This mode still uses the woman first approach allowing women to professionally connect with people without feeling uncomfortable. Bumble Bizz lets users display themselves using photos, resumes, and their skills. What makes this feature unique is that the sole purpose is to allow individuals to find mentors and connect with individuals in the field they are interested in as opposed to searching for jobs. This mode is great for developing an initial contact with a company or a mentor, so they can see the user’s dedication to their work. Whitney Wolfe used her sexual harassment experience at Tinder to create a dating app that empowers women.


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