George Soros Stops Trump

George Soros of Soros Fund Management is perhaps one of the most powerful men in politics today who does not have a seat in the Senate. This is due to his extreme wealth, which he uses to constantly push his liberal agenda. He does this that the left may win the moral argument here in the United States of America. He has been an open opponent of the Republican Party from his early childhood and continues to vehemently destroy them in every news broadcasting he is in. This anger and hostility toward the GOP have earned him the label “the bogeyman of the right.”

His anger can easily be understood of course when you look at his childhood. George Soros was a man who put himself through the London School of Economics during a time when England was controlled by the political right. He saw firsthand how hard it was to actually become somebody in this modern era while you are working low-wage jobs. He vowed that should he ever become wealthy that he would do what he could to help everybody succeed in life by using liberal policies.

George Soros would make good on his promise when he started his global nonprofit, which he calls the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations exists to promote liberal and leftist views throughout the various governments around the globe. This is done by training and educating current leaders in women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and civil rights. It also accomplishes its mission by funding those who are running for office that are capable of affecting these changes. In fact, this can be seen right here in the United States of America.

George Soros has donated to several political campaigns in the last decade and a half through the Open Society Foundations. In fact, he has donated nearly $150 million to several Democratic causes, most of which have been presidential campaigns. The first time we saw George Soros begin to throw his weight around with his money was when he decided to back John Kerry in his 2004 presidential election against incumbent President George W. Bush. During this election season, George Soros would donate a $27 million fund to John Kerry so that he could change the minds of many purple states.

The second time we saw George Soros begin donating in the world of politics was in 2008 when he gave $15 million to Sen. Barack Obama’s that he could become the first African-American man in the White House.

The most recent time we saw George Soros donate in the world of politics was in 2016 when he backed his longtime friend, Hillary Clinton, to help her in her bid to gain the presidency. His giving stepped up exponentially when he realized that Donald Trump would be calm the Republican nominee for the presidency. While Hillary Clinton did not gain a presidency, George Soros continues to thwart Donald Trump through many super PACs meant to stop his bigoted policy changes.

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