The Many Layers of Josh Smith

In many ways, Josh Smith lives the American dream. That is to say he tries, works, learns and teaches others as much as he can throughout any given weak year in and year out. He is the CEO of Modular Greenhouses and an entrepreneur, which makes him not so average but still and everyday man who provides service to his community without fail. His passion is in gardening or better said greenhouse engineering and his frame of mind is troubleshooting oriented. This means that he likes to know that a problem is being solved and that the next solution for the following challenge is on its way to him.

Smith has a lot of business dealings in his past and these have taught him valuable lessons such as to take care of whom you do business with and to know the value of inspiration combined with reverse engineering. He understands that business really is about filling a need and then building creatively around a solution for that need. Above all, Josh Smith is an entrepreneur which means he has a knack for bringing resources, ideas and people together to achieve goals that some individuals do not even know are possible. He’s also a creative maverick and uses drawing talents as well as the written word to draft his solutions that he often finds through reverse engineering.

At the top of the list of his applicable titles, there’s also the mantle of visionary and leader as he advises anyone who wants to reach their full potential to understand that the journey as well as the lessons learned along the way matter the most. This is why Smith often recommends unrefined truth as a compass to finding the best way to thriving business-wise and as a subject of the human condition. He is also adaptive and flexible regarding his implementation of business strategies.

That is to say that Josh Smith is not afraid to return to the drawing board and draft a better solution or a deeper understanding of a situation before executing a plan. He keeps his mind in this state of agility through engaging in brain training exercises that can be found at sites such as Luminosity. He also highly recommends the “War of Art” as light reading for anyone who wants to get an understanding of where he’s coming from philosophically.

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