Omar Yunes the Franchise Guru

Sushi Itto has a very strong and profitable existence throughout Latin America. Omar Yunes began as a lawyer for the Mexican governmental agency for Natural Resources. However, at age 21, he decided to switch paths and began an entrepreneurial career as a franchise owner, and claimed his stake in the world of Japanese cuisine. Yunes takes great pride in being the only representative of Japanese Sushi in Mexico. He has more than 15 years of experience in the world of franchising. Yunes owns 13 franchise units across Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz where he specializes in the Japanese food chain. In Mexico alone, he has created jobs for over 400 citizens. Yunes also founded the Board of Ideas, a company that nurtures beginning investors and helps to guide them through bringing their ideas to life with administration guidance, financing, and development. These strides have let him to win awards such as the Best Franchise of the World in 2015.

Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) is a universal event that recognizes the achievement of franchisees from different classes of franchises. Those invited to the event were recognized by their own country in smaller national versions. In 2015, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, France, Hungary, and Mexico, all produced participants who attended BFW. Franchisees are judged on the effect they have on their network, influence on the network, knowledgeable contributions, motivation of employees, savings, and improvements. Yunes was awarded because his input and hard work was paramount in the franchise-franchisee relationship.

Through his efforts and improvements, he has definitely enhanced the brand. Yunes believes that in order to become a successful franchisee individuals must have exceptional managerial skills, be associated with a brand that is solid, and choose a supportive franchisor that is willing to go along for the entire ride, bumps, and all.

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