Fabletics Leverages the Power of Online User Reviews

The power of crowd has become increasingly significant in determining consumer purchase. Today’s consumers are guided by crowd-sourced reviews when determining their final purchase. They tend to trust reviews from someone they know. Today, savvy brands have shifted to review-centric marketing strategies to capitalize on this consumer behavior. An example of such brand is Fabletics. Since its launch in 2013, Fabletcis has grown to over $235 million in revenue which is over 200% growth. Recently, Fabletics has reached over one million paying members mark. Fabletics attributes much of its success to embracing the user reviews.


Shawn Gold, Fabletics’ Corporate Marketing Officer credits such rapid growth to leveraging user reviews in today’s competitive marketplace. Consumer reviews can drive improved customer retention for brands, improved loyalty, and increased customer acquisition across all industries. With the growing digitalization, online reviews have become a significant factor in the decision-making process. Today’s consumers often research brands and read reviews before determining the final purchase.


Authentic, genuine brand reviews lead to an enhanced bottom line. They result in more revenue, improved search ranking, and improved customer retention. Incorporating user reviews into your customer service approach or product offerings earns repeat purchases, loyal customers, and greater return on customer acquisition investment.


Improved Search Ranking


Positive online reviews have a significant impact on a brand’s search ranking. With positive reviews, a brand would likely appear in top organic, local search results such as Google’s Local 3-Pack. Some review sites such as Trustpilot partners with Google to help brands improve their Google Seller Rating.


Drive Revenue


A recent study by BrightLocal concluded that a whopping 74% of people would pursue purchase after looking at brand’s reviews. Reviews on a product page increase the likelihood of purchase by 17%. According to Yelp, an extra half-star rating increases the probability of restaurants selling out by 19%. An additional one-star rating leads to 5-6% increase in revenue. An increase in a single point can make a difference in many industries such as travel, retail, luxury goods, and food.


Drive Valuable Repeat Purchase


Incorporating user reviews into product offering and customer approach has helped TechStyle to increase its repeat purchase. Fabletics prioritizes its customers, and therefore, invests much time in managing and responding to thousands of online customer reviews.


About Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is a renowned American actress. She was born to a comedian, actor, and musician Bill Hudson and actress Goldie Hawn. Hudson rose to prominence in 2000 for featuring in Almost Famous, a famous film that earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress prize. Kate Hudson teamed up with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, co-founders of JustFab to launch Fabletics, a fitness brand.


Everyone who has interacted with Kate Hudson including interviewers, co-stars, directors, and family members are quick to comment on her ability to cheer up the crowd. Through solid work ethic and dedication, Kate Hudson has gone from indie beginner to a globally recognized star in just three years. Kate Hudson has done it all without looking at her mom’s success.

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