The Wonders of Shea Butter


Shea Butter is extracted from the nut that derives from the African Shea tree. It is an off white/ ivory colored fat that is derived mainly from oleic acid and stearic acid. It’s widely used in cosmetics as a salve, lotion, or a moisturizer.


Shea butter is also edible and is used for some food substances. It is normally used in different food preparation sources in Africa. The chocolate industry uses it with other oils to substitute cocoa butter.


Shea butter is used normally in the cosmetics industry for hair and skin care. This could be skin moisturizers, emulsions, lip gloss, hair moisturizers, and hair conditioners. It is also used in various soaps. For soaps with lesser cleaning power, more Shea butter is used. Otherwise, around 7 to 9 percent of Shea butter is in soaps.


Some African countries uses Shea butter as cooking oil to be a waterproofing wax to make candles, for medicinal ointments, and for hairdressing. It’s also utilized by creators of traditional African percussion instruments for more durability of wood, leather tuning straps, and dried calabash guards.


About Eugenia Shea


Eugenia means the origin of goodness in Greek. Eugenia Shea is a business founded by a mother and daughter due that was launched in 2014. It is a family run and socially conscience enterprise committed to delivering all natural and premium Shea butter moisturizers. With them being a socially conscious company, they are dedicated to fair opportunities and wages for their female employees in Ghana, and they donate 15 percent of proceeds back to them as an education fund.


The roots of this company began with the daughter’s grandmother, a devoted Ghanaian midwife well known in the community, having a spectacular, midwifery secret. This was the unrefined and raw Ghanaian Shea butter. And with this wonderful healing secret, Shea butter was brought down in her family from generation to generation. And as a result, the mom of this company grew her bulk of Shea butter with the assistance of 100s of paid farmers. This is, in turn, brought down to the daughter who is also the owner of this company.

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