Clubbing the New and Digital Way with Magnises

How is the millennial finding a way to break out of the shut in life they have been living? Many feel that millennials are the most isolated segments of the population, those that did find a job in the millions that were not so fortunate. For those who have a steady income that they can feel satisfied with, this is the card for admission to the most inclusive clubs for those who enjoy of the twenties and thirties somethings. They will find each other in the Magnises endorsed clubs. Thus is such as the ClubPass does which is a Magnises membership that costs only $65 per month for entrance into the most exclusive nightclubs in New York City.

For those who love to travel or have work in every corner of the world, there is the HotelPass Magnises Card which affords guests rooms in New York City, for example, for only $79 per night that usually cost $245 per night. Those who wish to go to the most exciting places can be immediately connected with these venues as working professionals between the ages of twenty one and thirty five years old. Most often those who are in the financials industry on get to mingle with others who are in the fashion industry and the hight tech industry of course.

Dreaming about a perfect vacation or planning a honeymoon can be just as exhilarating as it is for members to discover their social side through the The Dream Hotel that is offers Magnises members special rates and access to their properties all over the globe. Magnises owner and innovator, Billy McFarland said that The Dream will instill that visions of delight during a vacation or business trip and the card will be most prominent to be held by a young professional between ages twenty one and thirty five.

Each year they start anew with the Dream Hotel and its list of unique global properties. When members are in need of travel the first thought should be The Dream Hotel so they can get one of those great rooms on crunchbase. Being among peers at these fine establishment only will encourage working young professionals exclusive right to holding on to rooms and allowing for more travel and attendance when they have the prime access right along side the others in their social age group. Billy McFarland believes that “getting them inside the door,” at hotels such as The Dream Hotel, is one of the main attractions to this service and will grow the Magnises Card access membership exponentially.

Billy McFarland, being young and full of ambition at age twenty four, founded this service to “take all of our members’ lives to the next level.” What is that level? He understands that to the millennials such as himself, it is to be equal “professionally and socially,” on the same level. So much to enjoy, the Magnesis card brings deals and deep discounts at the most popular restaurants, bars, and special events in New York city and Washington D.C. and beyond.

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