Keith Mann, Wisdom of Humanity to Airlift Animal Rescue

Sadhguru, the world-famous yogi describes the wisdom of life from watching three little pug puppies, which were born at his yoga center. He is profoundly insightful, but it doesn’t take a master to know humanitarians deeply feel love for animals. YouTube is abundant with pet antic videos, and while Japan is celebrated for panda recover, Cesar Millan for dogs, and Jackson Galaxy for cats, we all love animals.


Consequently, when pilot Keith Mann broke the rules to fly trapped animals to safety, nobody gave a darn about the rules. Keith Mann, as a humanitarians, knew only one thing, I have equipment to rescue lives and I’m going to use it; it didn’t take a morality discourse to make the judgment. We are human, we respect life, and we rescue the injured and abandoned.


Wildfires roared in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, setting ablaze acres of land. Greater than eighty-thousand people from Fort McMurray were ordered to leave the area, and so they did. Some thoughtless people just walked-out on their responsibility, and stranded innocent animals behind. There is no excuse for just abandoning a family pet to burn to death. Likewise, people must scrutinize authority when directed at them during environmental alerts; one has a right to protect their family, including pets. In a different mode, for example always be prepared to evacuate the whole family including pets—birds, rabbits, hamsters, etc.; the southeastern United States has hurricanes; consequently, preparedness is year-round. Have an evacuation plan mapped out ahead of time.


From tragedy, heroes endeavor to triumph, and Keith Mann rose to the occasion. Suncor Energy pilot broke the rules and welcomed a collection of rescued animals as passengers to safety at Edmonton and Calgary. The pre-established flight regulations states only a few animals are allowed on the plane per trip, in addition they had to be in kennel-caged. Keith Mann, knowing full well if the animals were left, they would die a horrible death. He made a managerial decision as flight operations for Suncor Energy, and said, load them onboard. And in a life or death situation, secure them as best you can. In most instances, animals instinctually know danger, and accept compliance. Keith Mann is an entrepreneur, and Director of Dynamics Search Partners base out of New York.

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