Visual Search Technology Takes A Leap With Slyce By Its Side

Advanced AI Searching Software Helps Shoppers And Retailers

There’s nothing better than simplifying the shopping experience for shoppers and retailers alike. With a simpler experience, consumers are able to get their shopping done more accurately and more efficiently. At the same time, retailers have an easier time distributing their products, so everyone involved in the process wins in some way. Retailers are able to move more products out of their warehouses instead of hiring as many employees to sell products in stores. Slyce is one of the top competitors that works with major retailers, so we will spend some time discussing their take on image recognition technology.

Visual Search Technology With Slyce

Some of the leading developers have come out with their own versions of visual search technology that are bound to help consumers find their desired products quickly and simply. These technologies are backed by Google, Amazon and other large corporations. Amazon actually had an app developed that would allow users to search from a picture, but the smart phone they were selling did not pick up among consumers. Slyce, however, has developed their brand of visual search technology that is available on any smart phone or tablet, so users can easily find what they want in their shopping experience with precision.

Slyce has added some compelling new developments to their platform. They have recently ushered in a team of customer service representatives to act as personal shoppers to assist users of the application if they have trouble finding their product. The user can message the customer care reps at any time. The reps already take a look at what the consumer has searched for to make sure that the artificial intelligence of their visual search engines picked up the best results for the consumer. The visual search technology from Slyce allows consumers to simply take a picture of anything in their surroundings while the AI searches for a product to match the product in the picture.

The apps that companies develop help retailers and manufacturers market their products by showing similar items to the ones that consumers search for on the app. Visual search technology is helping to usher in the new way of getting online shopping done, and it is taking the world by storm. MIT Technology Review has released compelling information about some of the leading competitors in the visual search industry.